Experts think DigiToads (TOADS) be the next cryptocurrency to break transaction records like Bitcoin, as its presale success goes beyond expectations


The cryptocurrency space has grown rapidly in the last decade. Up until a year ago, Bitcoin (BTC) was considered to be the leading crypto to invest in. However, one of the new cryptocurrencies that have grabbed the attention of investors is DigiToads (TOADS). The recent success of the TOADS token in its presale stage has led experts to think it may just be the next cryptocurrency to break Bitcoin’s (BTC) transaction records.

What is DigiToads (TOADS)?

DigiToads (TOADS) is an innovative P2E game that allows you to access features like in-game trading, and NFTs staking. ERC20 tokens can be used to build and nurture TOADS tokens by purchasing in-game products. DigiToad players can also earn rewards, like platinum toads and TOADS NFTs that can be staked on the platform for more rewards.

Although DigiToads is a relatively new player in the crypto industry, the project’s innovative approach to NFTs and gaming sets TOADS apart from other meme coins and altcoins.

Another factor that makes TOADS stand apart from other cryptocurrencies is the project’s eco-friendly and charitable commitments. DigiToads has pledged 2.5% of all profits to wildlife charities, attracting socially conscious investors looking to make a positive impact.

DigiToads (TOADS) hits the ground running

DigiToads is a relatively new player in the crypto space. However, the project has already garnered much attention from investors.

In its presale run, the project sold more than 130 million TOADS tokens, bringing in over $2.7 million. This success has left experts to believe that TOADS may outperform many altcoins with a price increase of 60% before the end of this year.

One of the most pertinent factors that will keep up the demand for TOADS tokens is the built-in token burn mechanism. Since the maximum supply of TOADS tokens is limited, the token burn continually creates a scarcity effect on the circulating supply of TOADS.

The TOADS token works as a full utility token for paying transaction fees while purchasing gaming products in the ecosystem. TOADS also allows holders to participate in voting decisions on the platform, thereby incentivizing long-term engagement and investment.

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Can DigiToads (TOADS) really compete with Bitcoin (BTC)?

When comparing DigiToads to Bitcoin, it is essential to remember that TOADS and BTC serve different purposes.

TOADS is a utility token for gaming and NFTs that can be purchased using many major coins. There is also no vesting period for TOADS tokens.

In contrast, Bitcoin (BTC) merely serves as a store of value, and means of payment that can be used to purchase NFTs, crypto tokens like TOADS, and various other assets in the digital space.

Over the last few years, Bitcoin (BTC) has been the most popular crypto for beginners, but more recently, TOADS’ exceptional performance in the presale stage has indicated a brighter future for the project. According to experts, DigiToads (TOADS) stands a real chance of outperforming Bitcoin (BTC) in terms of transaction records.


As the initial charm of Bitcoin fades, investors have started to pay heed to the fluctuating value of BTC. DigiToads, on the other hand, has shown nothing but positive potential reflected in the immense success of their presale so far. It also includes $150,000 worth of giveaways, drawing investors to get on board at the earliest.

TOADS tokens have a vast utility within the game’s ecosystem. TOADS can be purchased with multiple cryptocurrencies, and there is no vesting period for TOADS tokens, making the project highly accessible and investable. Additionally, a vast amount of tokens are also sold to the public or reserved for bonuses and rewards, reassuring investors that they’re safe against rug pulls.

DigiToads developers plan on expanding the game, adding integrations with other blockchains, and creating their own decentralized exchange. These changes may further expedite the progress and success of DigiToads in the near future.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.


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