Experts See Huge Impact of this Bitcoin Fork on Dogecoin’s Market Dominance


Dogecoin commands the top ten position with its enormous market cap despite fears of inactivity in the recent past. Meanwhile, a new Bitcoin fork has stormed the market with unique features, as experts note that DOGE’s market share would be affected. Experts believe Bitcoin Spark’s disruptions could wield influence over Dogecoin’s prevailing market standing.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)

Bitcoin Spark has earned hype and favor as it rolls out a new Proof-of-Process (PoP) blockchain solution. A combination of the best of PoS and PoW, BTCS may have found a solution to the prevalent trilemma of speed, scalability, and decentralization. PoP also strives to level the mining field by availing resources to users to avoid the concentration of mining power on the whims of a few miners.

The Bitcoin Spark application pivots users and the BTCS ecosystem by providing users with the means to engage with the network. The application bridges individuals, processing power, and the network’s functionalities. It has a distinctive capability to harness the processing power of connected devices. The app facilitates certain permissions for proper resource management while controlling access to unrelated features like media files or phone functions, thus safeguarding user privacy.

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Bitcoin Spark application facilitates individuals’ engagement in the validation process and distributes rewards for their contributions. These rewards are meticulously calculated with the help of advanced algorithms, taking into account stake size and the computational work performed. The algorithmic approach fosters fairness, preventing any single entity from exerting undue control over the network.

BTCS tokens are available at a discounted price of $1.75 in ICO phase two. Imagine buying Bitcoin during its early stages at $1. You can replicate the same with BTCS and realize gains of up to 657% after launch at $10. Phase two ICO holders get 15% as bonuses. The BTCS infrastructure is robust, transparent, and compliant as per the KYC certificate by Cognitos KYC.

Is Dogecoin Dead?

DOGE is not dead. It has withstood several bear markets and is actively trading in most exchanges with an astounding market cap of $10B. Its main promoter, Elon Musk, still has it in his heart and is seen promoting it on X (Twitter). On the day he replaced the Twitter logo with a DOGE, the price shot up, but true to hype, it went tumbling down the following day. It must be noted that Dogecoin mostly relies on hype and influencer support to rally its price increase. Its lack of real use cases other than a fast means of exchange is what hinders its growth.

DOGE Price Prediction

Dogecoin’s current market price is $ 0.076011, and DOGE price prediction is rife whether this popular meme-based coin will attain $1. Its ATH is $0.738, achieved in 2021. However, based on BTC and ETH performances, DOGE has underperformed. While BTC has risen 61%, DOGE has only managed a 1.5% increase since January 1. The DOGE price prediction is bearish for the last quarter of 2023.


Bitcoin Spark depicts the influence of groundbreaking innovations and technological advancements in crypto. Its impact on the market dominance of Dogecoin underlines the dynamic and interconnected nature of the crypto world.

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