Experts are Tipping Layer One X (L1X) to be the Top Interoperability Blockchain Protocol Upon Launch


Jan Scheele, the CEO of Bitcanna, opined that the future of blockchain lies in the ability of different chains to interact seamlessly while also ensuring the integrity of the data exchanged. Numerous blockchain projects have been seeking to proffer long-lasting solutions to the inability of different blockchain protocols to communicate and interact with each other. Before now, blockchain networks operated independently in silos, but with the advent of Layer One X (L1X), that will become a thing of the past. Layer One X recently made history as the first layer 1 blockchain protocol to successfully enable the movement of cross-chain assets from one chain to another. Industry experts have opined that this feat holds great positives for the mainstream adoption of the technology.

The L1X chain will be officially open to the public by August 2023, although they are currently carrying out a private sale of the L1X token, which will end on March 31, 2023. L1X is revolutionizing the blockchain industry and enabling the requisite environment for developers to build more connected and innovative decentralized applications.

More Details about L1X Chain

L1X is charting a new course in the blockchain space. Its decentralized cross-chain ability has enabled new business frontiers and revenue generation options for blockchain projects. Before the advent of L1X, developers and users solely relied on using bridges which are often generally insecure, expensive, and have a single point of failure. With Layer One X, it is now possible for decentralized cross-chain assets to be moved across chains.

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The chain allows developers to create more interoperable applications that function optimally across different blockchain protocols. It also opens up larger pools of assets, ensuring applications offer more options/choices to the user while also improving capital efficiency. In terms of scalability, L1X is designed to allow a hundred thousand transactions per second, with a little under 500ms block creation. Its one-of-a-kind hybrid consensus mechanism ensures fast transaction confirmation and higher throughput. The team relies on the chain’s security, speed, interoperability, and capacity to access smart devices for its mass adoption.

Investing in the L1X Project

As the first layer 1 blockchain to successfully build the needed infrastructure to unite different blockchain networks, the future sure looks bright for L1X. Investors have the opportunity to contribute $1000 USDC to the L1X private sale to gain access to a premium wallet. The private round sale will come to an end by the last day of March 2023. You can click here to know more about the investment process for the L1X project. Also, you can read the investor deck for more details.


The breakthrough in decentralized interoperability achieved by Layer One X is an exciting development for blockchain technology, and the project is positioned to lead the next phase of mainstream blockchain adoption. It shows that the blockchain space is constantly evolving and innovating for the better.

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