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There are many cryptocurrency-based betting platforms on the market with many attractive features. Unfortunately, some are not so interactive and impose strict rules, which doesn’t make the user experience so fun.

If you are looking for a market where you may place bets with other users on the price movement of a token of your choice, Logium is the answer. Let’s make a platform review together and understand in detail how Logium works and what it is about!

What is Logium?

Logium is a decentralized derivatives market in which users may bet against one another on the price movement of a token of their choice. Users may utilize the multiplier tool to forecast the future value of any cryptocurrency traded on Uniswap.

Furthermore, on July 11, Logium started adding more tokens, the goal being to offer at least 500 listings within the platform. They announce every new token on the official Logium Twitter, so you can find out pretty fast if you follow them.

The amount of tokens provided by Logium is not the sole advantage. The platform is regarded as safe and secure since it does not keep the assets of its users, all transactions on the site are peer-to-peer, and the network’s decentralized contract makes its trade records freely accessible to anyone to inspect.

The primary function of Logium is to provide a dependable solution to liquidity difficulties. Logium allows users to wager on any Uniswap token, independent of trade volume. Unlike other platforms, Logium allows users to play on all available tokens, whether short or long. Such an option does not exist on many other sites.

How does Logium works?

Logium was created to come up with solutions to three major problems:

  1. Liquidity

Users can bet on any token from Uniswap despite low liquidity.  

  1. Ability to bet on all tokens from Uniswap

Logium will make betting all tokens from Uniswap available for everyone. 

  1. Shorting

You can bet with other users on shorting or lowering the token of your choice. You don’t believe in meme coins? Or do you think that 90% of the altcoin market is not worth the current prices? Just put your bet on it at Logium.org.

Logium and betting

The “bet,” sometimes known professionally as an “option” or “position,” is a peer-to-peer agreement between two users on the future price of any ERC20 asset. Users in the system put bets against each other, with one user predicting that the price would rise and the other predicting that it would fall.

Only one user in the system wins and gets 100% of the opponent’s stake if their price forecast is correct. The winner is settled after a defined period of time, ranging from one hour up to 30 days.

Connect your wallet and take bets!

With the platform, you can take advantage of preexisting bets or make your prediction about the value of your preferred tokens to win and make a profit. You will have the chance to trade short or long or leverage for more than 500 cryptocurrencies using the platform provided by Logium.

  1. Connect your wallet

Currently, only the Metamask wallet is available, but Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet, Formatic, and Portis will soon be added.

  1. Pick your token

Choose any token you wish to place your bet on.

  1. Start betting

Pick a bet from the list if it attracts you, or just create a new bet. 

Upgrade your betting style

Using a betting platform like Logium doesn’t mean just the classic action of betting but a delightful experience where you can interact and experience something dynamic. You can find more information on the official Logium website

Also, you are invited to connect with them on social media, Twitter, or Discord and be part of the passionate Logium community!

P.S.: You can check DeFi Daily for an in-depth video review on Logium.

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