Exodus’ EXIT Takes A Nosedive As Security Tokens Note Mixed Momentum

The past week has proven interesting yet somewhat volatile for most security tokens. For example, the initial excitement surrounding Exodus’ EXIT/EXOD token has seemingly quieted down. Moreover, the sentiment toward AspenCoin and Realio improved dramatically, creating an intriguing weekly recap. 

Security Tokens Are Equally Volatile

When discussing financial markets, most people assume volatility is native to only cryptocurrencies. That isn’t the case, although it is not entirely uncommon to see things evolve in such a direction either. Crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum note substantial price changes every day. Security tokens can be somewhat volatile, too, as is illustrated by this week’s recap.

BCAP, the native asset of Blockchain Capital, took a 19.25% nosedive last week. That is surprising, considering the asset didn’t have that much trading volume either. However, a substantial dip is a new buying opportunity for those who expect bigger things from Blockchain Capital. The coming weeks will prove interesting, currently priced at $12 and with a market cap of $84.287 million.

Exodus records another significant drop. The crypto and blockchain only launched its security token for trading on tZERO last week. Despite a price spike to $75 shortly after the listing, the price is now back at $25.25. A net 7.91% loss for the week, although those who bought at the top will face a steeper loss. A price recovery remains possible, although caution remains advised.

The momentum surrounding tZERO’s token isn’t too impressive either. Despite a substantial price spike to $8 in the second half of 2020, the downtrend has remained in effect ever since. Last week, the token lost another 4.72%, bringing its value to $5.05. It is unclear why this is happening, as the platform is still a powerful trading venue for security tokens, including Exodus’ EXOD. 

AspenCoin and Realio Rally

On the other end of the spectrum, some tokens are noting impressive momentum. AspenCoin, the digital asset representing indirect ownership in one share of the company’s common stock, reported a significant price increase. A 16% rally is rather impressive during a week where all top projects lost value. At the current price of $1.16, AspenCoin seems of great interest to investors. 

The other big weekly gainer is Realio Network LTD Token or RST. A 10.31% price increase brings its value to $2.89, which is more than respectable. The hybrid security token represents ownership of the Realio Ecosystem and provides a revenue stream through profit share. The project’s market cap swiftly approaches $10 million again, although the RST high of $4 per token may take a while to reclaim. 

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