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Social casinos provide an alternative to real casinos online today, with plenty of Gold Coins and Sweeps Cash to look out for. There are lots of ways to find Pulsz Casino bonus sweeps cash, and you’ll learn more about how the site works in this guide.

You can read about the different coin types and ways of finding them too, along with details of the welcome bonus on offer. Searching for the best bonus to start with is always sensible, so read on to find out what kind of bonuses Pulsz Casino offers, and what makes them such a hit among social players.

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4 Pros of Using Pulsz

  • 500+ casino games
  • 5,000 Gold Coins to start
  • VIP Loyalty Rewards
  • Gold Coin packages
Website https://www.pulsz.com
Address Yellow Social Interactive Limited, 2 Irish Town, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA
Welcome Bonus 5,000 Gold Coins
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Introducing the Pulsz Casino bonus coins opportunity

There’s nothing better than arriving at a sweepstakes casino and finding a welcome bonus ready for you to collect as a new player. The current offer from this casino is Pulsz Casino free coins, where they’ll provide its newcomers with a batch of 5,000 Gold Coins to play with immediately after signing up.

Does Pulsz Casino operate within the law?

Yes, although if you’re new to the idea of playing at a sweeps casino, you’ll notice the rules are different to the kind of real online casinos that you can deposit at and withdraw from. Pulsz Casino works according to sweepstakes rules in the US. Of the 50 states available in the country, residents of 47 of them can play at Pulsz Casino, and stay within state laws by doing so. The exceptions are as follows:

  • Washington
  • Nevada
  • Idaho

If you live in any other state, you’re good to sign up at Pulsz Casino.

Does Pulsz Casino pay real money winnings?

Yes, but only if you win prizes while playing with their Sweepstakes Coins. Since you cannot purchase these on their own, you must look for other ways to pick them up. Each Sweepstakes Coin you obtain must be played once in a game in order to become a qualifying Sweepstakes Coin – that is, a coin you can elect to redeem.

To be able to request a redemption from Pulsz, you must have at least 25 Sweepstakes Coins in your account that have each been played at least once. This is the minimum quantity required to request a gift card prize. If you would rather request a cash prize, you must have at least 100 Sweepstakes Coins in your account that meets the terms on their website. Each coin in either case is worth one US dollar.

To learn more about the Sweeps Coins and how this part of the site works, you can read their full set of sweepstakes rules. This explains how to use those coins and provides a list of ways in which you can find them.

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How to win money with Pulsz Casino bonus sweeps cash

The Sweepstakes Coins are where the real action is at Pulsz. Once you have collected some Sweeps Coins, you can use them to play any of the available games you want to try. Any Sweeps Coins you win will then qualify for redemption if you have enough of them, as seen above.

It’s best to try some slots using your Gold Coins first, so you can pick a game you enjoy. You’ll also understand the rules and know what you need to do to try and win prizes when you switch to playing with Sweeps Coins. Games are still based on chance rather than skill, but you can at least choose a game you’ll have some fun with while trying to win more Sweeps Coins.

How many payment methods does Pulsz offer?

Since Pulsz is a social sweepstakes casino, you’ll notice they do not talk about depositing funds to play with. Nor do they talk about withdrawing funds, since the site uses a different model. This means you need to think about purchase methods and redemption methods, all of which are listed in the below table.

Purchase Methods Redemption Methods
Visa Bank account transfer
Mastercard Skrill
American Express Prizeout gift card
Diners Club

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You’ll see all the available purchase methods you can choose from if you decide to buy more Gold Coins (something that’s not required, but handy to know in case you wish to do so).

Reviewing the payout process at Pulsz Casino

Payouts mean prizes, as that’s the idea behind a sweepstakes site of any type, including one that uses a casino model like Pulsz. It’s straightforward to understand when you go through the details.

Can you expect actual prizes from Pulsz?

Some sites say they’ll provide payouts, but find all manner of reasons to avoid making them to players. That’s not the case with Pulsz Casino, as it provides cash prizes to its players when they have enough Sweepstakes Coins to ask for a redemption.

How to ask for a prize redemption at Pulsz Casino

If you’ve amassed enough Sweepstakes Coins to qualify for either a gift card or cash redemption, you can select the Redeem option from inside your account. They also provide a step-by-step guide to this process inside their support area. You will only see the Redeem option appear once you have verified your casino account, so make sure you go through to your account profile to do this first.

Which Pulsz withdrawal methods are available?

A gift card is the easiest method to choose and the fastest one to reach, as you only need 25 played Sweeps Coins to get there. If you’d rather opt for a cash prize, you need 100 or more. Your options are as follows:

  • A cash award to your Skrill account
  • A cash award to your bank account
  • A gift card award via Prizeout

Enjoy some Pulsz Casino free spins on their casino games

Now comes the entertainment at Pulsz Casino – and the chance to explore their game area. It becomes clear there are only slots there, but since most players prefer those anyway, they’ve gone for the most popular angle.

You can expect to play slot games from Pragmatic Play, Evoplay, and Relax Gaming, and while there are only slots available, you can still find lots of categories to explore. For example, there is a new games area to look through, where you’ll notice all the entries have a new label on them. This appears in pink to match the site logo, so it’s an eye-catching addition. They adopt other labels too, such as the green jackpot logo, so while there is a jackpot category you can head for, you’ll always be able to find those games in their own area. Be on the lookout for the top label too, appearing in orange and a little less noticeable, but still worth checking.

It’s possible to choose the classic category to see only the games featuring plenty of fruit, jokers, and other classic features, with other slots spread throughout other areas. You may find that some of the games fall into more than one section. There are games with Tumbling Reels, or the chance to access the bonus feature by buying your way into it with Gold Coins, so look for those areas too. It’s refreshing to see that even with a games collection that doesn’t go beyond the slots, you can always go to a type of slot game to play within seconds of arriving.

If you’ve played a handful of slots elsewhere online, you might recognize a few of the titles on offer at Pulsz Casino. This is one of the reasons why the site is a leader in the sweepstakes social casino arena. Some competitors only offer lesser-known slots, whereas Pulsz has done the work to bring its player’s plenty of slots to play, with famous and unknown titles to sort through.

Can you visit Pulsz via an app?

Yes, they have created an app for Android users and for iOS users, so whichever device you prefer, you can visit the site and sign into your account on a tablet or smartphone if you’d rather not play on a computer. All the usual functions of the site are available, making it easier to play social casino games (and sweepstakes games) wherever you are. Just be aware of mobile charges if you’re not using a free internet service, and be aware of security too. Make sure you download the appropriate app from either the official Google Play store for Android or the App Store if you have an iPhone. The app does not mention gaining access on an iPad, so this may not be possible.

Is it easy to contact customer support at Pulsz?

Some social casinos fall down on the support side of things, with a lack of information about how to find some assistance if required. Fortunately, the opposite is true for Pulsz Casino. You’ll find all the details you might need below.

Support email address [email protected]
Online support portal https://pulsz.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/
US payment queries phone number +1 424 371 7304
EU/UK payment queries phone number +358 75325 8864

Remember there are extensive questions and answers covered in the online support portal, along with lots of information on the terms of use and sweepstakes rules pages.

Take advantage of a website design that works

The landing page shows you the best of Pulsz, offering insight into what you can expect to see if you choose to create an account. Signing up only takes a few seconds, and you’ll receive your Pulsz casino welcome bonus when you do so.

Once you see the inside of the casino, you’ll notice the menu appearing to the left of the page if you are on a computer or at the foot of the screen if you are on a mobile device. Either way, it is easy to find your profile, the games area, and other parts of the site.

One feature you’ll find useful is the panel that pops up whenever you choose a game to play. This provides information about the smallest and largest bet amounts available, along with the top Gold Coin prize available in the game. Some games have their own reviews too, so you can read those to get a better sense of how each title works before you play. A lot of attention to detail has gone into the design, making Pulsz Casino a better site for all to enjoy.

Who is the owner of Pulsz Casino?

It’s always reassuring to find full ownership information for any social casino, and the details are simple to spot at Pulsz. Yellow Social Interactive Limited is the business that runs the Pulsz website and offerings. They provide details of their address and company number at the bottom of the site.

Is it possible to delete your Pulsz account?

Yes, although you cannot do it yourself. You must contact their customer service team via their Zendesk help desk. You can reach their help area by selecting the chat logo in the corner of the screen and taking the following steps:

  • Type in ‘contact’ and wait for the bot to present you with a link to the support area
  • This should take you straight to a new request form
  • Select ‘account closure’ from the dropdown list provided
  • Complete the form and submit it

The support team will then complete the process for you.

Start by claiming your Pulsz Casino bonus coins today

Pulsz Casino squeezes over 500 games into its collection, and with a section reserved for new titles, you can bet that collection is going to grow. Learning more about the different coins you can play with helps you understand how to get the best from your Pulsz Casino free coins.

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Does Pulsz Casino have a no deposit bonus?

Pulsz Casino gives away 5,000 Gold Coins to each new member of the site. You cannot cash these in or play casino games with them to get a chance at real prizes. However, the coins do give you a chance to try some of the 500+ available games at the casino.

Can you redeem Gold Coins on Pulsz?

No – the only coins you can redeem are Sweepstakes Coins. There are lots of ways you can collect some Sweepstakes Coins to play with, although you can never buy them. Gold Coins are designed for playing games for fun, whereas Sweepstakes Coins are playable for actual prizes. They must be played before they become available to request for redemption.

What casinos give you free play for signing up?

While some real casinos have no deposit bonuses, they often ask you to play through those bonuses with real bets before you can cash them out. Sweepstakes casinos give free play to new members by offering Gold Coins, which have no cash or redeemable value. You may also receive some Sweeps Coins for signing up to these social sweeps casinos, and these can lead to actual prizes if you play them, and win more Sweeps Coins while doing so.

Do you need to use Pulsz Casino bonus codes?

You do not need a Pulsz Casino bonus code to claim the welcome offer, as the 5,000 Gold Coins appear in your account when you have completed the signup process. The option to buy more Gold Coins does not include any space to add a bonus coupon, so you won’t need to look for one to enter there either. You will still find offers and deals on their website, so you need only choose the one you want to use before paying for your coins.


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