Exclusive Collection of Warhol’s Iconic Works Now Available as Security Tokens on Freeport

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Fine art investing is about to get a digital upgrade with the soon-to-be-launched blockchain-based platform Freeport. The platform offers an exclusive four-piece collection of prints from legendary pop artist Andy Warhol, which will be available as shares in the form of security tokens.

Freeport will utilize Vertalo to tokenize the artworks to be bought and sold on decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. The platform recently cleared a regulatory hurdle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), allowing it to fractionalize shares of fine artworks as security tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

The collection includes prints of some of Warhol’s most iconic works, including “Marilyn” (1967), “Double Mickey” (1981), “Mick Jagger” (1975), and “Rebel Without a Cause (James Dean)” (1985). It will be limited to 1,000 tokenized lots each. Freeport has “partially acquired” the four works from well-known art collectors, including Jane Holzer.

The collection is set to launch in May, and interested collectors can join the waitlist now. The starting price for each tokenized lot will vary from $250 to $860.

“As more and more value moves on-chain, fractionalized art is increasingly being sought after by a younger, yet less financially flexible, class of investors,” said Colin Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Freeport. 

“Our platform goes far beyond just fractionalizing shares of fine art into security tokens – we’ve built a fully-immersive and interactive platform hosting an art-centric community and redefining the ownership experience surrounding fractionalized art.”

The move comes at a pivotal time for the NFT industry. While it had a strong start a few years ago, overall trading volume and interest have dwindled. 

Bringing in well-known artists like Warhol can give the industry the boost it needs to attract new interest and reinvigorate the market.

Freeport’s exclusive collection of Warhol’s prints, now available as security tokens, is a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to invest in fine art through blockchain technology

With the platform’s immersive and interactive art-centric community, the ownership experience of fractionalized art is set to be redefined. 

As more artists follow Warhol’s lead, the NFT industry may see a new interest and trading volume surge soon.

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