Exceptional Trading Experience with New Stop Order Function: B2Broker Announces Update for B2Trader


B2Broker – a global provider of liquidity for cryptocurrencies, Forex, CFDs, and technology solutions for brokers and exchanges – is pleased to present a new update of its B2Trader matching engine, which now provides the possibility to use stop orders. With this update, B2Trader, in addition to existing spot FX and crypto trading features, now offers an extended set of tools for comfortable trading. With the arrival of new tools, users can better use their trading strategies and thus multiply their capital. The latest update represents B2Broker’s commitment to providing its clients with only the best fintech products and services, constantly developing and improving them.

Presenting Stop Orders Feature

Using B2Trader as their matching engine, brokers will from now on be able to provide their clients with both types of stop orders, a stop market order and a stop limit order. These orders are available in all packages and apply to all trading instruments offered by the exchange. Thanks to the new feature, traders will have more freedom and flexibility when placing orders. 

A stop market order is used by traders to limit their losses or to realize profits when the market moves in the opposite direction. Stop limit orders can be used to enter the market at a specific price or to exit the market at a certain level once it reaches the specified price. When that happens, both orders will be triggered as pending orders.

The mechanics of a stop-limit order involve the use of two prices at once: a stop price and a limit price. The order is placed when the market price reaches the stop price. On the other hand, the order is executed when the market price reaches the limit price. When the market price reaches the stop price, a limit order will be formed and will be immediately fulfilled if the market price is within the limit price.

New stop orders can be found on the order entry panel of the B2Trader platform and can be placed using the buy or sell buttons. New orders can also be placed using the chart to simplify and speed up the trading process.

Concluding Thoughts

With the new stop orders feature for B2Trader, B2Broker continues its mission to provide its users with the best level of service using the most advanced fintech technologies. B2Trader is an innovative, user-friendly, and multifunctional tool for order matching in the market, and with the arrival of new features, it has become even more powerful and functional. B2Broker’s development team is planning to implement more interesting and useful features in the near future to make everyone’s trading experience better.


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