Even Binance Drops Below 100% Trust Rating on Coinmarketcap Sometimes

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Ever since Binance officially acquired Coinmarketcap, there have been ample questions regarding the nature of data presented. So far, the exchange is still ranked #1 on the platform, although it doesn’t have a 100% trust rating all the time.

It is always interesting to see Coinmarketcap these days.

Binance Isn’t 100% Trustworthy, but That’s OK

A lot of things have improved, thankfully.

The ranking of crypto exchanges, however, still raises a lot of concerns.

Binance is, for all intents and purposes, the top trusted exchange.

Remarkable, as the company is also the new owner of the Coinmarketcap platform.

Even so, its trust rating tends to vary quite a bit.

For most users, it will show up as 100% every once in a while.

On other days, it may drop as low as 97%, albeit no one knows why this gap is so big.

Thankfully, it seems to affect all other listed trading platforms in a similar manner. 

All of this is designed to ensure that users do not flock to potentially fraudulent exchanges.

Unfortunately, there are still many such platforms in existence today, which is never a good thing.

One could also argue that exchanges with 100% trust rating are a bit shady.

Nothing or no one can ever be fully trusted, after all. 

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