CryptoMode Europol Cryptocurrencies Arrest

Cryptocurrencies continue to attract the attention of criminals worldwide. Europol confirms cryptocurrency “devices” were confiscated during a recent raid in Poland. The organized gang primarily sold fake importance treatments. 

Another big Victory for Europol

  • Taking as many fake products off the international market is the main objective for agencies such as Europol.
  • No market, big or small, can be overlooked in this regard.
  • For some time now, cryptocurrencies have begun playing an increasing role of importance in criminal operations.
  • During this stint, 11 locations were raided, resulting in the arrest of 10 Polish citizens.
  • As part of the seizure, 23,000 pills with a value of 112,000 Euro have been confiscated.
  • Additionally, the Polish national Police and Europol also took 16,000 Euro in cash, as well as luxury cars, properties, and a gas weapon.
  • One particular aspect is how two “specialized cryptocurrency devices” were seized as well, yet no one knows what they were sued for exactly.
  • When the investigation was ongoing, the criminals laundered large parts of their proceeds through multiple cryptocurrencies. 
  • Being in operation since 2016, the group primarily sells fake impotence treatments on darknet marketplaces. 
  • It is believed at least 260,000 euro worth of profits have been generated since 2016.
  • Laundering money and counterfeiting are serious offenses in Europe and fall under Europol jurisdiction.


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