Spending Bitcoin has always been a big challenge, especially when it comes to buying everyday goods and services. CryptoEmporium, the first worlds first luxury crypto store has allegedly partnered with Etihad Airways in order to bring digital currencies to a new target audience.

CryptoEmporium has a Specific Vision

In a rather surprising turn of events, CryptoEmporium has successfully managed to partner with Etihad Airways. This airline carrier is one of the biggest brands in air travel today. It is also a company which primarily caters to wealthier individuals– which seems to make this a match made in heaven.


Although it remains unclear what this partnership entails, this is a positive development nonetheless. Bringing cryptocurrency payments to travelers all over the world would be an interesting development. 

Final Thoughts

A partnership of this scale can mean a lot of different things. It will mainly depend on how Etihad Airways envisions this new agreement first and foremost. If they are intent on accepting Bitcoin – directly or otherwise – things will undoubtedly get very interesting moving forward. For the cryptocurrency industry,  this is very good news to close off the week.

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