Ethereum’s Ether: Undervalued or Simply Misunderstood?


Ethereum’s native token, Ether (ETH), is in the spotlight. Currently trading at a surprising 27% below its projected fair value, it raises eyebrows and questions. This insight comes from RxR, a collaboration between Republic Crypto and Re7 Capital. But why this stark disparity in value perception?

Metcalfe’s Law and Its Impact on Valuation

Traditionally, Metcalfe’s Law (ML) dictates that a network’s worth is directly tied to the square of its user count. Hence, a certain valuation emerges if you analyze the Ethereum network solely based on its primary active user base. This conventional approach, however, has its limitations.

RxR’s novel approach amalgamates traditional Metcalfe’s Law with a newer version. This version incorporates the primary Ethereum user base and users from Ethereum’s burgeoning scaling networks. This distinction is crucial. Why? An astute RXR analyst, Lewis Harland emphasizes that the revised ML index aligns more with Ethereum’s network valuation when these scaling networks are considered.

Unveiling the True Worth of Ether

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So, what does this mean for Ether’s valuation? Harland’s insights are revealing. When factoring in Ethereum’s scaling networks, Ether’s valuation skyrockets to a staggering $275 billion. It’s trading at a 27% markdown from this figure. Interestingly, this is assuming a stagnant user growth.

Think of RxR’s ML Blended Model as a bold red line in a visual representation. It portrays Ether’s market cap as being undervalued. In contrast, the fainter white line, embodying the orthodox ML model, seems to overlook the surging activity on Layer 2 networks. These are offchain solutions designed atop the mainnet, aiming to eliminate scaling and data hiccups. Hence, contrary to traditional ML Model beliefs, Ether isn’t necessarily in overvalued territory.

Understanding true value can be elusive in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency. When assessed through a blended lens of traditional and revised Metcalfe’s Law, Ether’s current market position offers a fresh perspective. 

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