Ethereum Wallet Metamask Surpasses 1 Million Users


Finding the right wallet for one’s favorite cryptocurrency is never easy. Ethereum users are certainly enjoying Metamask, as the browser wallet now has over 1 million users.

Convenience plays a key role in the cryptocurrency industry. 

MetaMask Reaches a Core Milestone

This extends as much to exchanges as it does to wallets and other services.

The Metamask plugin for Chrome and Brave has been very successful in its own regard.

It provides convenient access to Ethereum and all tokens issued on this blockchain.

With over 1 million users recorded to date, an important milestone has been reached.

It took the team roughly four years to hit this magic number.

What is rather interesting is how the growth occurs.

It seems to coincide with the change in Ethereum price. 

A higher price per Ether gets more people interested, and most of them will need a convenient wallet solution. 

The usage of Metamask is not the only core growth factor for Ethereum as of late.

Its price has spiked significantly, but the number of network transactions is also on the rise.

With that increase comes a hefty rise in gas fees paid on the network. 

As such, it appears that the Ethereum network is in a good place, but there is still a lot of room left for future growth.

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