CryptoMode Ethereum Supply Forks Unique Addresses Transaction Fees

There have been several projects aimed at creating a better Ethereum. A new fork is now trying to make its mark, and one that goes by the name of 2Ether.

Improving upon Ethereum is not necessarily complicated, but creating a forked currency isn’t necessarily the best idea.

The 2Ether Airdrop is Coming

For the 2Ether team, their vision of a stable Ethereum fork is a bit different from other clones.

The main objective is to introduce free tools to implement digital payments and building infrastructure pieces. 

Moreover, the team wants to put a strong focus on the Initial Exchange Offering industry.

To facilitate these tokens, there need to be decentralized trading and startup crowdfunding solutions.

Unlike Ethereum itself, 2Ether utilizes data analysis algorithms to make the launching of an IEO much more straightforward.

In terms of block rewards, this fork maintains dynamic and mission-specific rewards.

It is expected the snapshot to issue ET2 to ETH holders will occur on December 2, 2019.

Users who keep their funds on an exchange will not be eligible for these tokens. 

Interested parties need to move their coins to a private wallet.

The ET2 coins will be distributed in a 1:1 ratio compared to one’s Ether holdings.

Considering how this is not a token, but an actual blockchain, users will be able to mine 2Ether with a CPU or GPU. 

This seems to indicate that current ETH rigs will be able to mine this forked currency as well.

The success of this project will become apparent in the months to come.

The team behind this project remains anonymous, something that might be a thorn in the side of some enthusiasts.

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