Ethereum Surpasses 120 Million Unique Addresses

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The Ethereum ecosystem continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Part of this growth is a lot more outspoken in certain aspects. With over 120 million unique addresses generated to date, the uptrend continues. 

Unique Addresses Matter

Comparing the different blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem often serves very little purpose. Ethereum is very different from Bitcoin, Monero, or EOS. There is very little point in claiming which one is “better”, as very few of them explore the same market segment. That is a good thing, as both crypto assets and blockchains can serve many different purposes. 

For Ethereum, it is evident the number of unique addresses continue to rise quickly. A good sign, as it confirms more people are interested in exploring this ecosystem. At the same time, there are numerous smart contracts deployed every single day. That too will impact the overall list of network addresses. 

With over 120 million unique addresses recorded to date, an interesting milestone has been reached. It is a significant increase compared to January. At that time, there were just 85 million addresses. The growth of DeFi and DEX trading has certainly contributed to this overall growth. There are now more reasons to have an Etheruem address than ever before. 

In the past month alone, nearly 4 million unique addresses have been recorded. A clear sign of overall network health and growth. Sustaining such a rate of growth is very difficult, but so far, the curve remains intact. It makes one wonder how other Ethereum statistics look today. 

More Ethereum Network Statistics

Looking at some other charts, there isn’t a real indication of what may be fueling the growth in unique addresses. As far as the daily transaction count is concerned, no real changes have been recorded as of late. In fact, the numbers have gone down slightly in the past few weeks. An interesting development, but not something to put too much stock in either. 

What is increasing, is the number of daily ERC20 token transfers. More and more tokens are moving across the Ethereum network lately. That in itself isn’t surprising either. After all, there are thousands of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain today. Very few of them have any value, though.

As more DeFi tokens – and rug pulls – come to market, this transaction count is likely to keep increasing. At the same time, it remains unclear if that requires the use of a unique address. After all, a lot of people aren’t even getting involved in decentralized finance just yet. 

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