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Growing any cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem can be done in many different ways. Ethereum has always been a developer-oriented project, thus its latest effort caters to that particular community.

The team is intent on getting more coders interested in experimenting with Ethereum technology. To do so, they launched a project known as Ethereum Studio.

The Launch of Ethereum Studio

What this does is give users access to a web-based development environment. It lowers the barrier to entry for developers, both novice and veteran users. 

Through this web-based IDE, coders can get acquainted with all of the technology Ethereum has to offer. 

That includes smart contracts, as well as building a front-end for these new contracts. 

As one would expect, there are also several templates available to start building something right away. This includes options to build a new fungible token or even run a collectibles game. 

Albeit this is not the only way to get acquainted with Ethereum-based development, it is a step up from the traditional approach. 

Not having to set up a proper environment – which can take several hours – is certainly something that will attract a lot of attention. 

Ethereum Studio can prove to be a very versatile project for this ecosystem. It is pertinent to keep developers engaged, as the end goal is to unlock all of the potential this technology stack has to offer. 

As the competition heats up among other projects focusing on dApps and smart contracts, it remains crucial to remain one step ahead at all times. 

To accommodate all of these projects being built, however, the network will need to scale up in a very aggressive manner. 

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