At press time, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by total market capitalization has remained steady at a price-point of around 213.66— thereby showcasing a small drop of 2% over the course of the last 24 hours.

Also worth noting is the fact that since yesterday afternoon, XRP has gained a relative market share of over 10%, thus raising its total market cap to just $1 Bln short of Ether’s.

0x v2.0 is Now Officially Live on the Ethereum Mainnet

As per an official blog post by Will Warren on the 0X website, the latest version of the firm’s native protocol has now been deployed on the Ether network.

The release has been a work-in-progress for quite some time now and after a full year of tweaking, audits and other changes, 0X has released a statement saying that this latest iteration is one of the “most stable and highly secure systems on the Ethereum blockchain till date”.

To expand further on what 0x v2.0 brings to the table, we can see that it strives to develop a tokenized ecosystem wherein a flow of value can be maintained in a “free and fair manner”. Not only that, but v2.0 also adds features associated with “modularity and extensibility” so as to help developers foster new use cases for decentralized blockchain technology.

Other key features of 0X V2.0 include:

  • Integrated support for ERC721, ERC20, and other token standards.

  • Support for different signature schemes such as EIP 712 and Trezor.

  • Atomic Order Matching.

Ledger X to Launch Ether Options According to Report

While an official confirmation is yet to be received in regards to this matter, many insider sources linked with LedgerX, an institutional bitcoin derivatives platform, have claimed that the firm is expanding its crypto offerings to include Ethereum in the near future.

LedgerX has been active in the crypto space for quite some time now and was one of the first trading entities to receive a thumbs up from the CTFC to list BTC derivatives late last year. According to a report from a trusted online media portal, the Block, LedgerX is awaiting a green light from regulators to roll out its envisioned list of “Ether Options”. A CTFC meeting is reportedly set to take place on October 5, following which the financial institution will give its verdict on the matter.

Final Take

The past 24 hours have not seen a drastic drop in the total market cap of the altcoin sector, but knowing how volatile this nascent market sector currently is, it would not be surprising to see a major price swing in the coming 24-48 hours.

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