At press time, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by total market capitalization is trading at a comfortable price point of $207.62— a figure that showcases only a minor -1.3% drop in the value of the premier digital asset over the past 24 hours.

Technical Outlook

The economic trend being showcased by ETH at the moment seems to signify signs of a financial slide in the near future. While some investor interest seems apparent around the $180-$190 region, the 20-day EMA is proving to be a point of major resistance.

If Ethereum gains market traction in the coming few days, it is highly likely that the currency will break out of its 20-day EMA. However, if a downturn is observed in the current economic state of the ETH/USD pair, Ether will most likely slide below the $192 mark— or even go all the way down to $183.

Ethereum’s dApp Army Boasts of Amazing Innovation

While Google’s Chrome web-browser is currently the most widely used internet surfing tool in the market, a new Ethereum-based browser by the name of “Brave” is already being looked at by many tech-enthusiasts as being a safer, more secure alternative to Chrome.

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Not only does Brave comes loaded with a whole host of decentralization based security and privacy features, but it also comes pre-built with things such as a native ad-blocker as well as other advanced security protocols. And while many may argue that decentralized web-browsers still have a long way to go, especially in terms of their widespread adoption, statistics seem to indicate that Brave is already up there in overall customer usage with the likes of Firefox and Opera.

Ripple’s Economic Uptrend Continues to Gather Momentum

Amidst all of the happenings taking place within the world of cryptocurrency, XRP’s market demand has been surging over the past couple of days. For example, on September 18 the currency was trading at a respectable price point of $0.27 but within the space of a few hours, XRP’s value skyrocketed and touched a peak of $0.33— thereby showcasing an increase of over 20% within the span of a single day.

While this latest momentum is finally petering out and settling around the $0.323 region, it will be interesting to see how XRP continues to fare in the days to come.

Final Take

The past couple of days have been relatively stable for the digital currency sector with the total market cap of the altcoin domain staying put around the $200 Bln mark.

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