After gaining bullish momentum late yesterday afternoon, Ethereum has once again stooped to a price point of $216.63— thereby exhibiting a relative value drop of around 5%. Over the course of the past 24-hours, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by total market capitalization was able to scale up to an impressive price of $234 before once again plunging and touching a low of around $215 within the aforementioned timeframe.

Ethereum-based Startup Unveils New dApp Building Framework

Status, a blockchain-based startup firm recently unveiled the latest iteration of its dApp creation platform known as ‘Embark 3.2’. The newest version of this dApp building framework is designed to assist blockchain enthusiasts and coders in the creation of novel applications that are rooted in blockchain technology.

According to the team behind ‘Embark’, version 3.2 of the software includes twenty key updates, along with 45 other small changes as well as minor bug fixes.

Radar Relay V2 Adds ‘Trezor Integration’

Ethereum token exchange, Radar Relay’s latest update protocol has been announced with the latest changes incorporating a plethora of new features that will allow users to maximize their financial trading capacity.

For example, the P2P ERC20 integrated exchange will now feature full-fledged support for the widely popular ‘Trezor hardware wallet’ along with adding a ‘batch cancel feature’ that will make crypto transactions much more streamlined and hassle-free for customers.

Other key benefits of the update include:

  • Elimination of issues related to data duplicacy thanks to the implementation of an API REST module.

  • Improved code automation

  • Deployment of a custom design framework so as to implement new UI features more effectively.

Google Reverses its Ban on Crypto Ads

In another piece of highly welcome news, Google has announced its plans to end its ongoing umbrella ban which has seen the removal of all crypto related ads from the world’s premier search engine.

The decision to ban all crypto ads was announced in May after it was found that the altcoin sector was plagued by hundreds of scammy ICO projects. However, the company has just released a statement saying that any such restrictions are all set to be lifted, with the new policy coming into effect early next month.

Final take

Even though Ether’s fortunes have not moved in an upward financial direction over the past 24 hours, the total market cap of the altcoin sector has remained steady since yesterday. 

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