Ethereum Mining Pools Push for a Block gas Limit Increase

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In the Ethereum community, there are some concerns regarding the current network state. More specifically, it seems the network blocks are filling up quicker than anticipated with no immediate solution in sight. As such, it seems various mining pools are now looking for ways to increase the gas limit per block. A stop-gap measure, albeit an interesting development regardless. 

The Scaling of Ethereum

It is a well-known secret how there needs to be a scaling solution for Ethereum. While initially designed to be implemented over a year ago, the switch has been postponed multiple times since. That in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, although it does paint a very interesting picture as to where the ecosystem is headed next. No rushed solution should be implemented by any means, as that will only cause more issues. 

For the time being, there is no immediate fix to Ethereum’s scaling solutions. As such, the pending transaction queue continues to grow over time. Despite a big dip at certain hour of the day, the average sits close to 100,000 transactions at any given time.  There are also concerns about potential spam or dusting attacks on the network, which help fill up the blocks even quicker. Several mining pools have now taken a stance to address this issue.

Raising the Block Gas Limit

Over the past few weeks, multiple Ethereum mining pools have started to raise the block gas limit to 10 million. Those pools include F2Pool, Spark Pool, and Ethermine.  Although this is merely a test, these pools hope to convince the community this change needs to happen across the board. Whether or not that will prove to be a successful endeavor, is a different matter entirely. 

Under normal circumstances, the Ethereum block gas limit sits at 8 million gas. A 25% increase of this kind is very significant, although it also highlights how dire the situation has become. Not all pools see this as a smart decision, as Nanopool is the only one still openly opposing this idea. That said, it only takes three pools to increase the capacity permanently. This creates a very intriguing situation worth keeping an eye on in the weeks and months ahead. 

Ethereum 2.0 Can’t Come Soon Enough

Creative solutions like this one are nothing more than a bandaid on a hemorrhaging wound, in the end. It can offer some minor relief, but the big fix still needs to materialize. The sooner that happens the better, albeit, in the case of Ethereum, it will take a while. Their Ethereum 2.0 upgrade is supposed to increase the network capacity exponentially, although its release date remains unclear.

It is good to see the developers taking their time to ensure the upgrade works as expected. The last thing the network needs is a half-baked solution which only makes the situation progressively worse. Even so, the overall “usage’ of Ethereum seemingly continues to increase. That in itself can create additional problems if no other solutions are proposed by network participants. 

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