Ethereum: Four best alternatives

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Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency capitalization, and the third most commonly used token in calculations today. Many also believe that Ethereum is the second most important cryptocurrency ever created, as it has demonstrated to the world the power and capabilities of blockchain technology.

There are many reasons why buying Ethereum cryptocurrency is a good investment, especially considering that its biggest update in its history is just around the corner – to read the details, go here. However, it should be understood that not everyone may be interested in airing, and that some investors may be looking for an alternative. If this is about you, then you have found the right article, as we are going to consider the four best alternatives to Ethereum.


Our first choice as an alternative to Ethereum really shouldn’t surprise anyone. Whether you’re looking for a cryptocurrency that is quoted as a real currency taken into account, not just a fuel for a developer platform, or you’re looking for a reliable way to make an investment return – bitcoin is definitely the best alternative to ethereum.

Binance Coin

When it comes to investing and making a profit, Binance Coin is one of Ethereum’s best alternatives. The cryptocurrency was created by the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

As many may know, 2019 was a very successful year for Binance, which launched its own blockchain, its own DEX, several subsidiary exchanges for the exchange of fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies around the world, and even started a new trend in token sales – IEO.

In a sense, the results of the BNB cryptocurrency reflect the success of the Binance exchange, at least in part. The token is a good investment in itself. Otherwise, he would never have achieved such success. Now it is not at the peak of its potential, but it only reduces the cost of investment.


We also suggest considering EOS, one of Ethereum’s biggest competitors, which is also a more technologically advanced project, at least for now. EOS has been a huge success as a development platform since launching its own blockchain in mid-2018.


Finally, let’s move on to Cardano (ADA), a sleeping dragon who also has great potential. Many believe that one day Cardano will become one of the best and strongest cryptocurrencies on the market, and the only reason why this has not happened so far is that the project team likes slow development.

One look at the road map of this cryptocurrency gives a very likely prediction that Cardano will be a great success in the future. 

The price and market capitalization of the ADA token is not impressive at the moment, it’s true. However, Cardano has already demonstrated its ability to climb high enough, and its real potential lies in strong, innovative technology.

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