Ethereum Blockchain Token’s Presale Nears 22% Fulfilled, Could Net Traders +1-Million ROI

Golden Inu Token Presale — Crypto Treasure
Golden Inu Token Presale — Crypto Treasure

The first round of the presale for a new erc20 token, $Golden,  has sold nearly 25% of its total hard cap according to the official sales page.  It’s possible a whale buyer could ‘gulp’ the remaining tokens. Either that or ‘crypto shrimps’ will feed on small trades. Either way the investments happen, this will complete a first step towards the Ethereum blockchain based crypto reaching its fundraising goal of US$400,000.

The creator of the token previously announced that $Golden will launch on the ERC20 network via the decentralized exchange Uniswap.  This will be done once the total presale supply has been sold.   The price for the token will be 25% higher than the ICO/IDO phase offering of today.

The total presale supply will be sold via 4 funding rounds.  The profit margin for crypto investors will decrease with each funding round’s completion.

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Funding from the first round will go towards the completion of the ‘$Golden Inuverse’ play-2-earn cryptocurrency game.   A blog on the official site included a roadmap, with schedule, for the new P2E game.

The new crypto game, $Golden Inuverse, is expected to increase token trading volumes, brand equity, and brand value.     Though it will likely use more of the sibling bep20 token for the game to have low transaction fees, the new P2E game should create considerable value for the Ethereum-Blockchain token [erc-20], now in presale, as well.

The overall US$400,000 funding goal, according to Golden Inu token’s creator,  will be used for more than just entertainment however.    Part of the funding will be used to expand and employ full-time professionals.  These professionals will help create the more complicated crypto products of the Golden Inu ecosystem: a crypto exchange, secure swap and on-ramping solutions,  a new eCommerce marketplace for crypto traders with ‘Amazon and Shopify-like’ qualities, secure wallets, and more.  

These crypto applications, if launched, would likely draw hundreds of thousands of users to the Golden Inu Ecosystem. Hundreds of thousands of people doing buy or sell transactions of the Golden Inu token in the future would see the token sky-rocket in value, perhaps as Shiba Inu [$SHIB] did in 2021.    

If unaware, Shiba Inu exploded by more than 15,000,000% in 2021 with no crypto applications  to offer users.  The brand simply had effective marketing and a popular catchphrase, “Dogecoin Killer.”

If Shiba Inu ($SHIB) ROI could be that high without cryptocurrency product offerings 2 years ago, Golden Inu could yield least +1,000,000% returns today.   If not that, it’s at least expected to top any return on investment S&P traders will gain in 2023.

This is an astronomical return for traditional investors.  In the crypto space however, this phenomenon has happened each year since 2016 at least.

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