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Making money with cryptocurrencies is a difficult task. It requires a unique mindset and flexible expectations. Today, the number of Ethereum addresses in the loss has hit a two-year low. The recent bullish ETH trend plays a big part in achieving that goal. 

A new low for Ethereum Addresses in the Loss

It has taken Ethereum several years to reach a more acceptable value again. During the years 2017 and 2018, many people invested in ETH, as it provided them with access to Initial Coin Offerings. Following the subsequent price crash, ETH never saw a value of over $600 again. As a result, there were a lot of Ethereum addresses in the loss.

It has taken until recently before this situation improved in a meaningful manner. The chart below confirms as many as 35 million Ethereum addresses were in the loss in April of 2020. Ever since that time, the situation has gradually improved. Ethereum’s value has continued to rise, eventually creating a two-year low for Ethereum addresses in the loss. 

Ethereum Addresses in loss
Source: Glassnode

It is vital to put these figures in their correct perspective. Today, there are still more than 5.8 million ETH addresses dealing with a deficit. Not surprising, as Ethereum hit an all-time high value of $1,448.18 at one point. Even at the current $609, it is still less than half of the all-time high value. Putting the remaining Ethereum addresses in the loss back in the green will require an even more significant price surge. 

If and when such a price surge will occur is anyone’s guess. Ethereum’s all-time high price correlates to when Bitcoin hit nearly $20,000. Bitcoin is close to that level again, yet the ETH price is not as bullish as Bitcoin’s. It may require a BTC price of $30,000 before Ethereum surpasses $1,000 in a convincing manner.

Number of Active Addresses Keeps Rising

Other factors contribute to the decrease in Ethereum addresses in the loss. The chart below confirms there are more active ETH addresses in recent months. It is possible a lot of investors liquidated their holdings and took the loss. Others may have diversified their ETH holdings into DeFi projects or other ventures to stabilize the portfolio a bit. 

Ethereum AA
Source: Glassnode

Whatever the reason is for the increased activity, Ethereum remains a prominent ecosystem. The recent launch of Ethereum 2.0’s beacon chain will undoubtedly boost overall confidence. Even so, there is still a very long road ahead. Surpassing the previous all-time high will not happen overnight, but it is not an impossible goal either. 

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