Ether-Mixer Appears to be Stealing Users’ Funds


Plenty of cryptocurrency users have shown an interest in adding privacy to their crypto holdings. When doing so for Ethereum, using the Ether-mixer platform is not advised as of right now.

Mixing services can come in many different shapes and sizes.

Ether-Mixer Needs to be Avoided

Not all of these platforms will turn out to be legitimate, which is only to be expected.

Ether-Mixer is seemingly not forwarding people’s funds, for some unknown reason.

When sending funds to the website’s wallet, it will remain “unconfirmed” despite having plenty of network confirmations in the process.

As such, the amount should simply be credited and processed, yet that is far from the case.

One could argue that most mixing services aren’t reliable in this modern day and age.

All of these service providers have come under increasing scrutiny by government officials and law enforcement.

Legitimate mixers will be shut down very quickly, as they are often associated with money laundering.

For Ether-mixer, it seems the platform will shut down eventually, albeit for very different reasons.

One also has to wonder if this method would even do much to remove the taint of one’s ETH balance.

An easier option is to move money to exchange, swap to a privacy coins, convert back, and have clean Ether.

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