ETHDenver 2023 Witnessed Its First-Ever Comedy NFT from LA’s Leah Lamarr

    comedy NFT
    Photo Credit: Eric Blackmon

    Marking the first time in ETHDenver history that ‘Comedy NFTs’ were auctioned off during a LIVE stand-up performance.


    Last week’s ETHDenver 2023 conference made history with the first-ever live auction of a “Comedy NFT” during a special stand-up performance by Los Angeles comedian and ETHDenver MC, Leah Lamarr. 


    The show – BuffiLaughs, a Bufficorn BUIDL Brigade Night of Comedy and Tomfoolery, served as both ETHDenver’s first annual comedy event, as well as the first-ever live auction of a stand-up comedian’s joke on the Ethereum blockchain. 


    ETHDenver, the world’s largest and longest-running annual blockchain festival will feature panels and keynotes from notable leaders across crypto, blockchain, and fintech – including, but not limited to Colorado Governor Jared Polis, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Foundation Researcher Danny Ryan, Mythical Games CEO John Linden, data scientist and Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, and White Hat Hacker “Alien” (a.k.a. Sherri Davidoff, CEO of LMG Security).

    During the show, Lamarr auctioned off her joke, “Rug and Tug,” on Manifold, which was split into sister NFTs – the first containing the video file of the joke, and the second containing the AI-generated art based on Lamarr’s same joke for a total value of 1.6ETH (approx. $2,700 USD as of the auction’s conclusion).


    Photo Credit: Leah Lamarr/Manifold

    Photo Credit: Leah Lamarr/Manifold


    It’s unique to offer jokes as NFTs because the ownership of the original idea is now yours. Your art comes with a story, a funny one at that, and you get to be part of history. It’s like going to Christie’s to mint an artifact, a moment in time. This moment happens to be a joke,” says Lamarr. 


    Lamarr, who first rose to prominence in 2020 after joining the then-private social audio app Clubhouse and cultivating a 100,000+ member club (“Hot on the Mic”), returned to the stage in 2022 with her highly anticipated tour performing her live show NFTs (Nice F*cking Titties) during Edinburgh Fringe Festival – combining her passions for comedy, art, and technology and performing hilarious bits on life, sex, COVID-19, and Web3. 


    Since 2021, she has been labeled as one of the industry’s freshest and raunchiest stand-up comedians performing hilarious bits on life, sex, COVID-19, and NFTs. With 600,000 followers across social media, Lamarr presents a hilarious take on otherwise serious conversations that frequently occur throughout Web3 – most recently, the demise of FTX and Celsius. 


    With nearly 600,000 followers across social media, Lamarr has continued to leverage her Clubhouse success as a powerfully refreshing voice in Web3 that adds humor to otherwise serious conferences, festivals, and events. She was named 2021’s “Entertainer of the Year” by TIME Magazine’s Web3 division – TIMEPieces.

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