Eth 2.0 Testnet has Nearly 20,000 Validators two Days After Launching

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The Eth 2.0 upgrade on the testnet is attracting a lot of attention already. As the genesis block was mined on the testnet, there are now nearly 20,000 network validators on Topaz.

The upgrade to Eth 2.0 will introduce a lot of prominent changes.

Eth 2.0 Testnet Progresses Nicely

Without support from the community, such a network upgrade would never be successful.

Even on the Topaz testnet, there is a lot of genuine interest in this new change.

So much even that nearly 20,000 network validators are already contributing their resources.

This is crucial to determine the success of the initial switch to proof-of-stake.

So far, the Eth 2,0 testnet launch is a bigger success than anticipated, but that is a good thing.

How long the testnet will run for, remains to be determined at this time.

On the Topaz testnet, validators need to stake at least 32 Ether in order to be recognized by the network.

Testnet coins can be obtained from a faucet, thus virtually anyone can contribute their efforts to this testing phase of Eth 2.0.

It is very likely that more mechanisms will be tested in the weeks to come.

Not all of those upgrades will hit the Topaz testnet, albeit that has yet to be officially confirmed by the developers.

Ample testing is required before Eth 2.0 can enter its next stage.

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