ETERNA: The Multi-utility Token that Distributes 50% of its Profits


Eterna is the native token of Eterna Financial Network, which was created to solve some of the crypto market’s most daunting problems. Eterna Financial Network, which will launch on the Ethereum blockchain, consists of a portfolio of several and distinct utility platforms designed to help both project managers and investors make more intelligent and profitable decisions. Eterna also provides investors with a unique value proposition, as 50% of profits from all platforms and apps released under the Eterna brand will be distributed to its token stakers. Token stakers will also receive a generous return for staking their tokens, which can be unlocked at any time without penalty.  Finally, token stakers will receive token airdrops from every new project developed by Eterna’s token incubator. Consequently, Eterna provides several sources of value for its stakers, and seeks to generate revenue from multiple websites launched under its brand.

Eterna’s Websites

The most promising of Eterna’s new ventures is Andromade Incubator, which permits anyone to launch their own token for the cost of KYC, although the Eterna team will carefully screen applicants to ensure that only high-quality, utility-oriented ideas are incubated. Because it opens up crypto development to anyone, the Eterna team is convinced that Andromade will generate value for their investors and clients in both the short-run and long-run.

The second operating website is, which is a marketplace for crypto professionals and developers, where anyone can offer their services and anyone can list a job order.  Each profile contains verified customer reviews where developers and freelancers can assess and grade one another, so that more information is provided to the market. therefore satisfies both the supply and demand for quality crypto professionals.

A third and fourth project is in development, one of which is related to token security while the other new project will move Eterna into the gamified finance space; one of the most exciting new areas of crypto development.


  • 50% of Profits from all websites and platforms will be distributed to token stakers.

  • 3% Marketing tax – on every transaction will be used to finance development and marketing.
  • 2% Liquidity tax – on every transaction will contribute to Eterna’s LP (liquidity pool) which helps stabilizes the token’s chart. 
  • 2.5% Development tax – on each transaction will be added to the Development wallet, which facilitates the operations of Eterna’s token incubator,

  • 2.5% Staking tax – on every transaction will be distributed to token stakers as a reward for providing liquidity for the network’s operations.

Of the total circulating supply, 5.2% is allocated for staking, 20% is allocated for development, 15% for partnerships, 8% for marketing and 3% for exchange listings. The team wallet consists of 5% of the supply, and is locked for 1 year. The remaining tokens will be allocated to investors; and Eterna will soon be available on Uniswap for the public’s consideration. 


The diverse Eterna ecosystem allows the staking of native tokens on their platform, and 5.2% of the token supply has already been allocated to the staking pool.  Crypto staking is similar to depositing money in a bank in that investors delegate their tokens to a set of nodes that govern the network, and in exchange investors earn rewards in the form of additional tokens.

For the first year, 0.1% of rewards generated by staking will be released each week.  A staking reward tax of 2.5% on each transaction will also be distributed to stakers.  Finally, 50% of profits from all Eterna platforms will be distributed to stakers in proportion to the number of tokens staked. This will not only permit the efficient operation of the network, but will provide investors with an additional incentive for holding Eterna tokens.

Highlighting Attributes 

Eterna’s Value Proposition – Eterna is native to multiple utility websites, each of which will contribute to the token’s market value.

Profit Sharing – Eterna token stakers receive 50% of profits from all websites and platforms launched under the Eterna brand. 

Staking Rewards – Eterna Token staking creates an incentive for long-term holding. 

Token Airdrops – 10% of the supply from any token incubated and launched by will be distributed to Eterna’s token stakers. 

The founder of Eterna Finanical Network, Piotr Skoczylas, is a young tech entrepreneur from Warsaw. Piotr has been designing websites since the age of 9, and has surrounded himself with a talented group of technically skilled professionals; so that he can bring to market practically any idea he can imagine.  For that reason, Eterna will likely produce several more websites, all tied to the same native token, and all for the purpose of adding value to the crypto market and maximizing investor returns.

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