Espiota Enables Convenient IOTA Payments for Machines

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The future of IOTA is taking another interesting turn. With Espiota, it becomes rather simple to enable MIOTA payments for machines. 

All it takes to make this happen is cheap and readily accessible hardware.

Making IOTA Payments Achievable

The device is powered by the ESP32 microcontroller with built-in WiFi. 

Taking the knowledge gained from experimenting with that hardware, the Espiota was born shortly after.

This unit allows any machine powered by electricity to trigger actions if an IOTA payment occurs. 

For now, the developer is working on two different models of the Espiota.

One version is an external box and display to connect to devices.

The other is a versatile board to be placed inside of machines themselves. 

In its current iteration, the project only supports Pay-for-Time , with more payment nodes to be introduced over time.

Given how IOTA is designed as  a project for the Internet of Things, this hardware can prove to be very valuable. 

While not all machines are suited to work with Espiota, it is a big step in the right direction regardless.

It is possible such devices will show up in vending machines, for example.

Since no physical money is involved, there is no risk of theft either.

All of the IOTA is stored on the native ledger, where it is safe from harm. 

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