EOS Token Gains Whitelist Approval for Trading in Japan

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In a strategic move showcasing Japan’s increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, EOS has secured whitelist approval for trading against the Japanese yen on regulated platforms.

EOS Greenlit by Japan’s Crypto Body:

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF), the principal body supporting EOS’s growth, recently shared exciting news with the world. The Japanese Virtual and Crypto Asset Exchange Association has officially greenlit the EOS token. That means EOS is now ready to join the trading pairs with the Japanese yen on regulated trading platforms.

The foundation revealed that BitTrade, a prominent exchange, will be among the first platforms to host EOS trades against the yen in September.

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Yves La Rose, ENF’s CEO, expressed the significance of the Asian market for EOS’s vision. To EOS, Asia stands not just as a market but as an “essential pillar”, given the sheer volume of its tokenholders. La Rose commented:

“The future of Web3 is likely to be driven by innovations in blockchain-based gaming and GameFi. In this realm, Asia indisputably holds the leadership baton.”

Japan’s Potential in the Blockchain Arena:

La Rose also highlighted the Japanese market’s growing stature in the blockchain sphere. With an already robust regulatory system and a pro-active government stance, Japan is poised for greatness. La Rose opines, “Japan offers unparalleled clarity and oversight in crypto. Many of its gaming intellectual assets are perfectly positioned for tokenization, providing untapped potential.”

In related news, the Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, recently addressed the nation’s evolving thoughts on Web3. On July 25, in a thought-provoking address, Kishida elucidated the transformative potential of Web3. He emphasized its capability to drive societal changes and reshape the internet landscape. For Kishida, Web3 isn’t just a technological advance—it embodies a “new era of capitalism.”

EOS’s whitelist approval signals a broader trend: Japan’s increasing openness to and regulation of digital currencies. With industry leaders and governments recognizing the potential, the next phase of blockchain and Web3 innovation is set to revolutionize multiple sectors, from gaming to finance and beyond.

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