EOS (EOS) and Cosmos (ATOM) leave holders disappointed; Here’s why Collateral Network (COLT) is set to surpass both

EOS (EOS) and Cosmos (ATOM) have performed poorly in recent times, leaving investors disappointed. On the other hand, experts have predicted Collateral Network (COLT) to be a better investment.

In this article, you will see how Collateral Network is reshaping the lending industry and why this project might surge 3500% soon.


EOS fails to deliver

EOS was launched with great fanfare, and a massive $4.1 billion was raised in what was dubbed “The Biggest ICO in History.” The EOS community was excited about the introduction of new technology, including the delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) system and EOS Worker Proposals to fund projects that grew the ecosystem.

However, after the launch, development on EOS appeared to dry up, leaving holders disappointed. The EOS community waited for promises to be fulfilled, but progress was slow, and the ecosystem became moribund. There were reports that the EOS community had volunteered to take on the development of new projects but weren’t supported or even told to halt work by, the company behind EOS., which raised the $4.1 billion, appeared to stop developing the base tech and diverted its focus to two vanity projects. These developments left holders of EOS disappointed and feeling that the promises made during the ICO had not been fulfilled.

Cosmos set for further price decrease

Cosmos has been causing disappointment among its holders due to its recent volatile price movements and lack of strong bullish momentum. Despite seeing a 20% price swing in one day, Cosmos failed to close above the green ascending trendline, which has been present over the longer term, leaving bulls struggling to push the price higher.

This reluctance to push Cosmos above the trendline has become an open goal for bears to score, with the threat of a 15% implosion looming. As bulls continue to drop the ball, Cosmos is playing a dangerous game with their faith.

The failure to break above the trendline has left Cosmos vulnerable to a potential leg lower, with the worst-case scenario being a dead-cat bounce that would cover a lot of ground in a very short term. This has put Cosmos at risk of tanking towards $10.50, potentially even breaking below the low of Thursday, with the $10 level being given up.

Despite Cosmos potential for a near 10% gain, there are still several elements that may act as a cap on the price action nearby. All in all, Cosmos has left holders disappointed with its poor performance and the current threat of a significant downturn.


Collateral Network poised to redefine the lending landscape

Collateral Network is a lending platform that employs AI to value assets and produce algorithmic lending rates, ensuring a fair and precise evaluation for both borrowers and lenders. Besides, enabling investors to offer loans across multiple blockchains, resulting in more opportunities for passive income.

With its hybrid infrastructure model, Collateral Network uses off-chain assets to offer institutional-level liquidity, enabling it to manage high-volume transactions effectively and quickly. Borrowers can unlock liquidity from a range of physical assets such as jewelry, cars, fine art, luxury wine, real estate and much more.

Furthermore, the Collateral Network cross-chain ecosystem allows investors to trade and access assets across several blockchains. To secure user data and funds from cyber attacks, the platform offers 2FA security choices, ensuring the safety of user investments.

The Collateral Network presale offers an exciting prospect for investors, with the potential to surge up to 3500% by the end of the presale, according to industry experts. Not to mention, Collateral Network is predicted to surpass $0.35 once released into major exchanges.

For more information on Collateral Network visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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