Enjoy The Benefits Of Holding Uniglo (GLO), Bitcoin (BTC) And Kava (KAVA) Starting Today


After months of brutal price action, it seems that investors will experience some relief. With the DXY (U.S. Dollar Currency Index) starting to roll over, digital assets could see a rally. Bitcoin and the U.S. dollar trade inversely; buying Bitcoin is a bet against the dollar and vice versa. A strong dollar means a depressed Bitcoin price, and the dollar has been on a parabolic tear following Jerome Powell’s monetary policy. But it looks like that run is over. 

Uniglo (GLO), Bitcoin (BTC), and Kava (KAVA) are three tokens selected by crypto analysts that are set to perform well in the coming market reversal. 

Uniglo (GLO)

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Uniglo returns to basic economic principles of value-backing and scarcity whilst employing the programmability of the blockchain to offer an improved store of value. Uniglo features buy and sell taxes on every transaction used to produce value for investors. 

A portion is used for purchasing assets stored in the Uniglo Vault, giving GLO an intrinsic floor price. And a part of each trade is automatically burnt, making GLO a hyper-deflationary token. Basic supply and demand laws dictate that a decreasing supply means an increasing price. By introducing a long-term store of value in an era of high inflation (fiat) and dire volatility (digital assets), Uniglo offers investors a much-needed third option to store their wealth. 

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin launched in 2009. The first truly decentralized form of currency, Bitcoin, allows individuals to operate as individual banks and be the custodian of their money. It separates the idea of currency from nations and sovereign issuers, putting the power back into the people’s hands. 

Bitcoin’s current price, the peak of the prior cycle, historically has marked the accumulation price of a lifetime, and Bitcoin will never return to such depressed valuations. The next cycle’s bottom will be roughly $69,000, the current cycle’s peak. Every crypto investor should own Bitcoin, and being the only asset ever designed to appreciate; it is a stellar long-term hold. 

Kava (KAVA)

Kava is the first layer one blockchain to implement a co-chain architecture infrastructure. The blockchain utilizes its Tendermint Consensus Engine to coalesce Ethereum’s security and the Cosmos ecosystem’s interoperability.

Kava also employs its InterBlockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) to communicate with all the other chains in the Cosmos ecosystem, meaning it operates in an environment far larger than itself. Kava is a crucial piece of the Cosmos ecosystem that continues to develop astoundingly. Kava’s market cap is ready to see explosive growth when the macroeconomic environment switches to risk-on and money floods into DeFi.

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