Cryptocurrency wallets are an important part of the blockchain universe and it is good to see a host of digital wallets compete within today’s ever-evolving tech domain. Enjin Wallet is certainly an interesting offering in this regard and as per latest reports, it has recently received a major functional upgrade.

Major Changes for the Enjin Wallet

It is always good to see more competition among cryptocurrency wallets. Whereas most wallets today support just one currency, there is a growing need for multi-currency solutions in today’s burgeoning alt-currency market. There are a few wallets which provide that particular type of functionality already and Enjin Wallet is one of them.

Thanks to a new update – dubbed Infinity – it is evident that a lot of features have been added to the existing service module of Enjin. While Enjin has supported many different wallets from day one, it seems like users can now create and manage an infinite number of wallets for supported currencies via the native platform. 

Additionally, thanks to the latest overhaul, Enjin will no longer automatically add and detect tokens with a balance, something that Ethereum enthusiasts can rejoice about.

Perhaps the most interesting update is the option to import MEW, private keys, keystore, BIP38 seeds on the platform. Not only that, every token tracked by CoinMarketCap is now supported by Enjin and the security of the ecosystem has been bolstered through the use of specifically compiled ARM instructions.

Final Thoughts

While Enjin is packed with a ton of features, it is still not the first wallet choice for a majority of crypto holders today. However, with the product’s developers working hard on adding new features continuously, things certainly look good for the company in the coming future.

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