Enjin Platform Goes Live on the Ethereum Mainnet

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Many projects are built on top of existing blockchains. Ethereum is perhaps the most active ecosystem of them all in this regard.

As more projects finally come to fruition, they will begin accessing the Ethereum mainnet.

A Major Milestone for the Enjin Team

The latest venture to do so is Enjin.

Most people will know this platform for its ventures into blockchain-based gaming, among other things.

More specifically, the Enjin team firmly believes that bringing real-life economies to virtual worlds is the right way to go.

The project has been around for over two years, during which a lot of progress has been made.

The Enjin Platform, which provides blockchain development solutions, is now officially accessible on the Ethereum mainnet.

Anyone will be able to create, mint, and manage blockchain assets for whichever purpose they see fit.

All of this can be done through the platform’s web panel.

With no coding requirements, this project can usher in a  new era for blockchain assets.

Making this process more accessible is crucial to advance the ecosystem.

There will undoubtedly be a lot of asset bloat during the initial stages.

However, that would be an indication of how popular this concept really is.

With the Enjin platform now going live, it wil l e interesting to see what the future holds for blockchain assets in general.

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