The Energy Drink Market is Energizing Health Conscious Americans

energy drinks

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, when the country was in lockdown and the majority of us were staying indoors, it’s safe to say that Americans were not making nearly as many convenience store purchases as they normally would. Naturally, this had a downward effect on certain items, such as energy drinks, however, the energy drink industry is back in full swing and is expanding all the time. 


In the US, the energy drink market reached $14 billion by 2021, with a quick $3 billion growth from 2017, and the global market is set to hit $225 billion within the next 4 years. Part of the market expansion is due to companies listening to consumers who are leaning toward healthier options. 


Particularly younger American consumers tend to be more health conscious and they are making more purchases of energy drinks and pre-workout drinks that have additives such as vitamins, minerals and additional caffeine. Drinks that contain organic ingredients and less sugar are also drawing attention 


Although Red Bull and Monster are still leading the way, the expanding energy drink market is growing rapidly, partially due to this wider, healthier range of options. Learn more about the energy drink market in the infographic below:

the business of energy drinks

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