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Blockchain technology continues to promote projects on the planet to decentralize a large number of productive sectors; This is possible thanks to the inclusion that the blockchain allows by connecting users from all over the world to contribute to causes that are favorable for all and that can generate employment opportunities and effective solutions for users.

Such is the case of the company Hotei Energy BV based in Rokin, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with a team that has more than 10 years of experience in the oil and energy industry who rely on the blockchain and the use of a token called (HES) to grant its users the possibility of acquiring a percentage of participation in the project through profitable actions that are sustainable from the development of technology and tools that can provide solutions in energy matters, such as:

  • Eco-meters.
  • Drilling, milling and calibration bits.
  • Tools for BHA.
  • Directional drilling / Geosteering.
  • Completion sensors.
  • Drill and Completion Pipes.
  • Hot Oil Trucks.
  • Wireline services.
  • Services of coiled tubing.
  • Drilling equipment.
  • Workover equipment.
  • Reservoir studies.
  • Monitoring and optimization of the production behavior of wells and production fields.

Hotei Energy B.V is a leading company that has been characterized by being avant-garde by offering services based on the application of disruptive technologies to offer energy solutions. It is based on the blockchain and raises the standardization and visualization of data in real time using the standard WITSML (which is normally used to transmit technical data between organizations in the oil industry) + Blockchain, With this, it is expected to offer users a new integration, in order to offer transparency in the management and operation of the invested resources, something unprecedented in the world of cryptocurrencies and the energy sector.

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Structure of (HES) The token they use Hotei Energy B.V.

When making any investment in the world of cryptocurrencies, it is important to take into account key aspects that are related to the distribution of assets, so I explain in a summarized way the most important things to take into account with the token (HES).

  • Total volume: 10.000.000
  • Token price in USDT: 1 HES = 1 USDT
  • Minimum purchase: 25 HES = 25$
  • Maximum purchase: 9.999 HES = 9.999$ (Users who wish to make purchases over $ 9,999 must fill out a form to go through an exhaustive review that can detect any fraudulent action)
  • Ways to acquire the token: ETH, BTC, USDT
  • Terms of sale: The token will be sold for the period of time stipulated for the operational start of the company, once this period has elapsed, the company will have 6 months to report payments to investors and then users will be able to receive profits permanently through the monthly billing from energy services.

Hotei Energy B.V from the Core. The 7 Main Benefits.

  • Permanent contact with the team: The people in charge of this project keep in touch with their clients through social networks to keep them updated on the project route. These people have more than 10 years of experience in their academic and professional career in the area of hydrocarbons and it should be noted that they offer an international legal framework to attest that they work under real contracts based on international legislation.

  • International Legal Framework: Hotei Energy B.V is governed by the highest legal and judicial standards to offer its token holders contracts based on international legislation where the regulatory framework and the spectrum of action of their investments are specifically detailed to avoid working with people who have legal and legal backgrounds. thus detach themselves from illegal activities, such as money laundering. Therefore, the company will regularly publish account statements and the origin of funds to convey security and transparency.

  • You have control over your investment: you have the possibility to withdraw your funds at the time you want to stop being an investor member (this procedure is specified after the expiration of the established periods that are signed in the initial contract)

  • Worldwide presence: With the use of blockchain technology, it is possible to have a much more extensive range of management to reach a large number of cities in the world and expand the possibility of potential profits for users, with an increasing scale offering energy services increasingly effective for everyone.

  • No referrals or pyramid schemes: No type of scam or misleading offer is promoted that could harm token creditors, therefore through the official channels of the project you can opt for assistance and advice for any questions about the project route or perform a risk analysis based on the investment of each user to receive high-quality support.

  • Sustainable profits: Through the creation of tools and technologies in the field of energy, token holders can receive monthly earnings for billing or service provision, once the company has honored the regular commitments for taxes, salary of workers, maintenance and investment; in this way the surplus will be distributed in its entirety to the accounts of the token holders (HES) taking into account the level of participation of each user and thus be available for withdrawal immediately and without restrictions.

  • Investment Certificate: Each investor receives an investment certificate that makes him the creditor of a certain percentage of participation in the project, all depending on the amount of tokens he wishes to buy; The more you invest, of course, the more profitability you can receive. Each investor is unique on the platform and his contribution will be reciprocal to the percentage he has in his power.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies as growth tools.

In a constantly changing world that increasingly promotes the adoption of inclusive technologies, the company Hotei Energy B.V It is presented as a great option when it comes to obtaining a return on your investment in the long term since the totally transparent philosophy of its operation allows you to be aware of your earnings at all times and this contribution will offer the possibility of improve energy services benefiting many people apart from increasing the value of your portfolio. If you want to know more about this project and be part of the investor group, visit its official links.

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