EMURGO Explains The Cardano CIP-1694 Proposal, Tradecurve to launch an one of a kind exchange


EMURGO is responsible for developing, supporting, and even incubating commercial opportunities that help the Cardano ecosystem. This for-profit arm aims to grow the Cardano ecosystem through commercial ventures and is a separate entity from IOHK or The Cardano Foundation. They recently explained one of the latest proposals behind the development of Cardano, CIP-1694. On the other hand, an upcoming exchange named Tradecurve is making a lot of noise with its unique features, and we will go over both projects to see their potential.


EMURGO’s Cardano CIP-1694 Proposal

On June 1, 2023, EMURGO published the Cardano Improvement Proposal known as CIP-1694. This is a specific proposal for the Cardano blockchain and is a formal document from the community that contains the specifications and organizational notes surrounding the topics related to on-chain governance for Cardano, including the native tokens, new standards for on-chain improvements or any other changes to the Cardano protocol.

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CIP-1694 aims to give every ADA holder a say in the future direction of the Cardano blockchain and for them to be able to show their preferences through voting n-chain. The Cardano community will be involved in the decisions that shape its future. Going over the value of the ADA cryptocurrency, as of June 2, 2023, it trades at $0.374132. In the last seven days, the ADA cryptocurrency saw an increase of 4.1%, and in the last 24 hours alone, it jumped by 2.6%.


The Tradecurve Hybrid DEX and Its Features

Tradecurve stands out from other platforms and exchanges by offering each user the ability to trade beyond just crypto-related assets. Instead, it gives full, borderless access to the global trading markets and encompasses the first retail-friendly decentralized crypto-to-derivatives trading platform in which anyone can trade crypto, as well as CFDs, forex, indices, commodities, options, ETFs, and bonds.

To use the Tradecurve platforms, users will not need to complete a KYC procedure. Instead, they can create an account and deposit a cryptocurrency that’s supported. They maintain full control over their private keys and are decentralized users.


Tradecurve also implements transparent pricing and the lowest trading fees in the industry that can be checked on-chain at any time. This way, traders can secure the most favorable prices for their trades and obtain much higher returns on their investments, as these gains will not be given to high fees, such as in competing CEXs.

TCRV is the utility token behind the platform, and with it, users can access high leverage starting at 500:1, a VIP account system, negative balance protection, and engage in algorithmic trading with AI. TCRV is undergoing Stage 3 of its presale, where 1 TCRV trades at $0.015.

Over 19,749,701 tokens have been sold during this stage, and the token is set to climb 50x during the presale and 100x at launch. This makes Tradecurve a one-of-a-kind exchange, and the TCRV token a solid option for diversification.

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