Embrace the Future of Fantasy Sports With NeftyDraft

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Sports fans will now have a chance to experience fantasy sports in the most unique way possible. Thanks to NeftyDraft, you will be able to acquire your favorite player cards, build your team and compete. The first drop for early adopters will go live on December 29 at 5 pm UTC / 11 am CST and it will be open for 24 hours.

The Whole Process Consists of Just 3 Steps

NeftyDraft represents the future of blockchain 3D gaming and fantasy sports and you will be pleased to know that the whole process consists of just 3 steps.

First, buy the cards to create your fantasy team. Then, you have the NFT sync process in which every NFT (card) is synced with the according player position. The third and final step is using the players to create your team and participate in the weekly tournaments.

The NeftyDraft Football league has a total of 32 teams with 12 players in each team. Each card will have 1,000 copies – 300 of them will be multiplayer cards, 500 will be single copies and the other 200 will be kept for Cardano giveaways over the next 5 years.

A maximum of 100 NeftyDraft players can be minted and the first drop will be on December 29 at a price of 3 ADA . You can Mint it on https://neftydraft.com/buy/. Second one will be in January 2022, price is yet to be decided. For sure it will be more than 3 ADA.

For latest updates Join at https://discord.gg/JkTUGTrt4v , follow https://twitter.com/NeftyDraft/

Two Types of Cards Will Be Featured in NeftyDraft

NeftyDraft will have two types of cardsFantasy Sports cards and 3D Gaming cards. They will be released separately in different quarters in 2022. Fantasy sports cards will only be available in Fantasy Sports while 3D Gaming cards will for 3D games.

In the first year, all entries to the Football League will be free and you will be able to earn rewards by playing fantasy football with friends, family or other NeftyDraft cardholders.

Best thing is, these cards can be used for many seasons to come. Check https://neftydraft.com/faq/

The policy ID for NeftyDraft is 869d76aff2be3b0084530f760d817999534a92f9d13a4cd5871580a3. NeftyDraft Policy ID is now verified on http://CNFT.io Great support from @GenesisHouseIO its verified on http://Genesishouse.io

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