Elon Musk Hints Dogecoin Ready For SEC War As Golden Inu Presale Purchases Explode +1000%

Dogecoin Tokens
Dogecoin Tokens

Will Dogecoin leap in value or will the Golden Inu ICO presale net investors +10,000% return?  This is the question on the minds of traders today.   Usually Initial Coin Offerings yield more than an already existing tokens, but with Elon Musk behind a digital currency, anything is possible.

Musk made a public offer to the McDonald’s franchise, that if they accept Dogecoin in their fast food chain as a payment method, he will eat a combo of their choice on camera.    This one deal could send the price of the $DOGE token to US$1 in value.

However, the deal never happened. And since that long ago offer, Musk has also said he’s turned his focus from Cryptocurrency to AI.      

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Then after that shift of focus, Elon came back to Dogecoin by re-stamping the McDonald’s offer as ‘still open.’   And also, the Twitter owner changed the Twitter logo to the Dogecoin logo.

Now in June 2023, the Tesla boss is still moving the $Doge forward through cryptic public messages.    Saturday, the mega-billionaire made mention of the meme token from his official twitter again:

Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the Doges of war”  tweeted Musk.

What it exactly means is not clear but some speculate it’s referring to the current ‘war’ the United States Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] has  waged against crypto exchanges.   Perhaps Musk is preparing to help in the battle to keep Cryptocurrency available to the free world and decentralized from government controls.  And of course, his support is expected to include helping the Dogecoin token stay well and thriving.

And Musk is not the only entity battling to keep the lifeline of cryptos on a healthy pulse.   

Hong Kong has reached out to Coinbase to move the crypto exchange to their country and be safe from the SEC’s regulatory scrutiny.

Crypto traders are moving money at break-neck speeds searching for opportunity.  As Warren Buffet said, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”     In this time of chaos created by the SEC, many are looking for dips in prices of tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In the world of Initial Coin offerings, Golden Inu Token’s ICO presale has exploded, showing a feverish support for legitimate cryptos from traders.     There’s been more presale activity in the last 2 days than 30 days prior to that.   The $Golden token has increased over 1000%in the number of individual token presales in the last 48 hours, signaling major viral activity.

The uptrend in sales is likely due to Golden Inu’s upcoming play-2-earn game, $Golden Inuverse.   A demo of their prototype NFT character leaked onto reddit days ago.  The image was sent to various early investors to show the progress.

Also, just today it appears the official website for $Golden Inuverse was launched — an impressive landing page.

Golden Inu Looks at Treasure Chest Of $Golden Tokens
Golden Inu Looks at Treasure Chest Of $Golden Tokens

According to the cryptocurrency brand’s blog, this landing page would be launched on the 7th, a summary of the game on the 14th, and open registration for the new play-to-earn game begins on the 21st.

This roadmap and ‘follow-through’ production is likely what’s driving the sudden explosion in interest.  Various analysts from credible crypto blogs predict the $Golden [erc-20] presale token could yield up to +10,000% returns if the new P2E game gets 1,000 or more registrants.

The $Golden presale’s growth is unlike most of the crypto-market at the moment.   The growth shows that general investors are no longer following the lead of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, and instead pursuing high yield investment opportunities in cryptos after doing their own research.

And it could also be a symbol that the United States will fall behind the world in the race for decentralized finance as cryptocurrencies, both old and new, continue to thrive.

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