Elite Doge Club Launching with Biggest NFT Drop in History


Massive collection of 100,000 professionally-drawn Doge NFTs will be minted Oct. 17

Elite Doge Club, “The NFT of the People” founded by Maximilian Lekhtman, has grand ambitions to become the largest Doge community in the world, and it’s kicking off those efforts with the largest NFT collection drop ever attempted.

Beginning on Sunday, Oct. 17 at 9 p.m. Pacific Time, 100,000 Elite Doge Club NFTs will become available, priced to sell at 0.01 ETH apiece. Not only is this collection launch 10-20x the size of most NFT drops, the entry price is up to 9 times less expensive. The collection was the brainchild of its founding team, who designed its pricing structure specifically to attract the crypto-agnostic to the world of digital assets.

Maximilian, a self-proclaimed Doge fanatic and “digital mad scientist”, believes one day Doge will be used as digital cash, far surpassing its meme-crypto origins. He founded one of the largest TikTok agencies in the world, Maxy Media. He previously built a cash-back website that allows consumers to earn money for their choice of over 1.5 million charities by shopping the way they normally do at over 6,000 retailers.

Maximilian’s vision for Elite Doge Club will also have a treasury for community impact events. It plans on launching the first-annual NFT influencer and artist awards, which will recognize and celebrate the people in the NFT industry who have made the biggest impact, presenting them with a customized NFT award. Depending on adoption rates, Elite Doge Club also hopes to launch a World NFT Conference by 2023. 

The entire collection was designed by Julien Deragon, a renowned illustrator and animator whose previous work includes helping animate the White Walkers in season 7 of “Game of Thrones,” as well as animations on the Netflix hit series “Stranger Things.” Julien will be answering questions from interested miners at an upcoming Reddit AMA, with details to be announced and posted on elitedogeclub.com.

The majority of NFT launches these days are static images, but most of the NFTs in the Elite Doge Club collection are animated, featuring images of everyone’s favorite Shiba Inu that range from hilarious, to scary, to downright bizarre.

While Elite Doge Club has no direct affiliation to Elon Musk, they believe he will be successful in his ambitions and that Doge will one day be used as the preferred method of digital cash, and hope to one day play a role in helping him achieve his ambitions with the Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

About Elite Doge Club

Elite Doge Club wants to become the world’s largest Doge community, and a gateway to buyers of all budgets looking to enter the exciting world of NFTs, starting with its initial drop of 100,000 professionally-drawn, animated NFTs, the biggest in history. Its founding team includes an assortment of entrepreneurs, technologists, and die-hard Doge enthusiasts who are laser-focused on building out a robust, active community that elevates the Doge and NFT ecosystems.

About the Team

Max (Founder): Visionary, architect, marketing mind and a “digital mad scientist of sorts.” He grew his most recent brainchild into the largest TikTok agency in Canada, and once made his dog famous on TikTok as a joke.

Mark, aka “Mister Lucky” (Blitzscaler): A bestselling author, community builder, and plan executor, Mark brings years of entrepreneurial experience to bear, and has achieved great success at blitzscaling projects in record time.

Alex (Operations): Alex was bitten by the NFT bug through Axie Infinity, quickly developing an interest in the creation side. He handles operational duties for EliteDogeClub, ensuring the leash only comes off when we’re ready to play.

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