Electroneum Price Moves up Slowly Ahead of Big Upcoming Developments

CryptoMode Electroneum Price Surge

In the world of cryptocurrency, a positive Bitcoin price trend can make a world of difference. This is especially true where most altcoins are concerned. Unlike what some might claim, few altcoins can rise in value if Bitcoin isn’t moving up. Electroneum is no exception, but it seems the community doesn’t mind that in the slightest.

Electroneum Price Goes in the Green

It hasn’t been the most exciting start of the year for Electroneum. Although it too follows the overall positive market trend, its value seems to be rather subdued for the time being. That has come to change a bit over the past few hours, although there isn’t too much trading volume to effectively sustain this uptrend. As such, it is an interesting market to keep an eye on as a neutral enthusiast.

Over the past 24 hours, the Electroneum price has risen by just over 6%. That brings the value per ETN back to the $0.0078 level, which is a bit lower compared to what users may want to see at this point in time. There is also a minute change in the ETN/BTC ratio, although reaching 200 Satoshi might not necessarily happen anytime soon.

There are some peculiar Electroneum-related developments which should, in theory, have a much bigger short-term impact on the Eelctroneum price. The upcoming cloud mining service for mobile devices will undoubtedly be of great interest. The success of this currency may hinge on how the cloud mining service is perceived, as it is one of the project’s biggest developments to date.

There is also the firm belief of how Electroneum will make the world a bigger place in the years to come. Mr. CryptoCZ seems to believe things will turn out alright despite mounting competition from some other projects. The world is big enough for multiple ideas to succeed and coexist, although no one knows which concepts will stick around.

For the time being, most ETN community members remain eager to see their favorite currency listed on Binance. It seems rather unlikely that will happen in the future either, although one has to wonder why that is the case. Perhaps it is the low trading volume of ETN, although some of Binance’s listed coins are even worse off in this regard.

When looking at the bigger picture, it seems the Electroneum price might not necessarily move up all that much over the next few hours. Next week may prove to be completely different in this regard. Even so, it is a bit unclear what comes next for ETN. Once the cloud mining platform comes closer to fruition, excitement will undoubtedly influence the market trend.

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