Electroneum Gets a Three-part TV Special, Ledger Support Nears

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A lot of things are happening behind the scenes of Electroneum. Through a dedicated marketing effort, this popular currency will gain exposure on national television. An audience spanning as many as 200 million people will be exposed to this ecosystem through a three-part TV series.

Electroneum Hits Fox Business and Bloomberg

It is rather uncommon to see any cryptocurrency mentioned on national television. Bitcoin is an exception, albeit it only happens if a criminal incident occurred. Positive attention is very difficult to come by for any cryptocurrency project.  Electroneum will change that narrative altogether.

A deal has been struck to cover both Electroneum and the AnyTask platform on national television. A three-part series will air on Bloomberg, Fox Business, and KRON. There will be dedicated announcements prior to each part of the show airing on TV. 

Moreover, Cox news will ensure an article will be written for every part of the series that has aired. This will ensure an even wider audience for Electroneum and AnyTask. For those viewers who can’t watch the episodes live, they will be made available on YouTube later on. 

It is the first time that Electroneum will be officially documented for such purposes. Although it has been a very successful project to date, it is still largely ignored. Even in the cryptocurrency space, this currency is not getting much attention. A three-part series on national TV can certainly do wonders in this regard. 

Ledger Support Soon?

Behind the scenes of Electroneum, some crucial developments are nearing finalization. The first bit of news comes in the form of potential Ledger hardware wallet support. Compatibility with Debian packages is now taken care of. The Ledger team can begin reviewing the addition of ETN to their platform.

There is also some progress involving the instant crypto exchange project. Not too much is known about this yet, but it will allow for easier onboarding of new ETN users. An influx of potentially millions of users looms ahead, thus everything needs to be made ready. 

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