Electricity Top-ups Make Electroneum the Most Useful Cryptocurrency in Africa

CryptoMode Electroneum Electricity Top-ups

Paying for everyday expenses with cryptocurrencies is a major challenge in almost all countries. Electroneum, the mobile-oriented cryptocurrency, is helping to change that narrative. Electricity top-ups in select African countries are now enabled, with more supported regions to follow.

Electroneum Raises the bar Again

After more than 11 years, one would expect Bitcoin to be a bit more “useful” in everyday life than it is today. In some countries, the options to spend BTC are more diversified than others. However, the countries where access to alternative financial services and products is needed the most are often overlooked. Africa is a region where cryptocurrencies thrive, but it seems as if Electroneum may beat Bitcoin to the punch. 

Despite the rise in P2P Bitcoin trading across sub-Saharan Africa, Electroneum tackles this continent from a different angle. Not only is it possible to achieve mobile and data top ups in certain countries, users can now pay their electricity bill with ETN as well. 

This feature is now being rolled out to four African countries. Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria, and Mali are the core points of focus. More countries will be added over time. Topping up one’s electricity bill can be done directly from the Electroneum mobile app itself. 

Accessing this option is the same as achieving a mobile top up.  Users will need to enter their electricity meter number and a contact phone number to receive confirmation of the transaction. 

What makes this new feature so great is how anyone can to up any electricity meter in any of these four countries. All ETN holders will have access to these top-up options, regardless of their current location. Helping out friends, family, or other Electroneum community members in any of these four countries is an option worth exploring.

Pushing Real-world Adoption

Unlike most other crypto assets, Electroneum focuses on achieving real-world adoption. By adding the option of electricity top-ups, ETN now has some of the most useful real-world use cases of all cryptocurrencies. While some other currencies may achieve a similar level of adoption at some point, it is seemingly not their primary point of focus. 

Paying one’s electricity bill with cryptocurrency is something many people would love to explore. Unfortunately, it is inaccessible to most crypto enthusiasts around the world, unless one wants to use at least one intermediary service. Changing that narrative will pose many different challenges, but Electroneum shows that it can be done.

AnyTask and the Giig Economy

It is not the first time that Electroneum brings cryptocurrency to the masses on a big scale. Its AnyTask platform, which can be accessed from the mobile app too, brings the global gig economy to all continents. Anyone can earn ETN by offering valuable services to anyone else in the world. 

Its major selling point is how it doesn’t charge freelancers any commission. With nearly 500,000 registered users on the platform in under 4 months, the appeal of AnyTask cannot be underestimated. 

Depending on where one lives, AnyTask may provide some decent additional revenue from freelancers. Turning it into a full-fledged income is not advised as of yet. However, the team has confirmed that making a living off AnyTask will be possible after the next marketing campaign has concluded. 

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