Electric Cars: Pros and Cons


The key difference between an electric car and a classic car is the use of an electric motor instead of a combustion engine. This feature necessitates a different energy source, a different powertrain design, and a different vehicle layout, which naturally affects the car’s performance. We will consider the pros and cons of owning and operating an electric car compared to a conventional car. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of any vehicle is quite important, so as with – best online casino, or electronic devices.

Is an electric car profitable?

This is the question many people are most interested in, so let’s talk about the economic component separately. Benefits can be counted variously and are very relative. To clarify this point, we decided to make a calculator which allows you to compare the cost per kilometer in a city with an electric car and fuel-based vehicle. Bear in mind that the calculator only gives a rough idea of the difference in cost per kilometer, as it does not consider some minor factors and technical features of cars, as well as breakdowns, parking costs, toll roads, etc. 

Advantages of electric cars

An electric car has a lot of advantages as compared to an ordinary car.

  • Maintenance and fuel costs are considerably lower than those of a conventional car. At a rough estimate, comparing cars of the same class, an electric car is on average about ten times cheaper than the current price of electricity and fuel.
  • An electric car is less likely to break down, which means that the risk of suddenly “getting stuck” with a broken-down car is lower. And there are fewer breakages because there are simply fewer parts that can fail. 
  • The electric car is safer.
  • Without burning fuel or releasing exhaust fumes and soot into the atmosphere, we’re much less harmful to the environment. Some pollution remains because of the rubber used in tires and tires, so you can’t call motoring on wheels “greener” or completely pollution-free.
  • The car is much quieter, as the engine is almost silent. However, we can still hear the rustle of tires on the pavement, the ambient noise, and occasionally the howling of the electric motor in some models.

Disadvantages of electric cars

Alas, owners of electric cars have to face problems that don’t bother drivers of cars with internal combustion engines.

  • Limitations on the range. In a regular car, you quickly fill up the gas station and drive on, but in the case of an electric car, even if you arrive at an “electric filling station”, it takes a significant amount of time to replenish the range. 
  • Long charging time. 
  • Underdeveloped charging station infrastructure in some countries. 
  • Reduced range in winter. Due to the inclusion of the heating of the cabin, steering wheel, and seats, the cruising range at sub-zero temperatures is reduced by an average of 25-30%.


Considering the above-mentioned pros and cons, one can conclude that an electric car is worth buying if the following conditions are met. With an electric car, you have the opportunity to charge the car close to home when you are not going anywhere. The choice is up to you!

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