Effort Economy Distributes Wealth by Simplifying Earning of Digital Assets

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At one point, digital assets like cryptocurrencies and recently NFTs were seen as nothing but a Ponzi scheme by the general public. However, that perspective has shifted as the staying power behind these virtual assets is becoming more and more apparent. 

In 2021, there were an estimated 300 million digital asset users worldwide, with over 18,000 businesses already accepting cryptocurrency payments.

While the consensus behind digital assets has altered, a stigma around the industry persists, at least for some. Those interested in entering the space are hesitant to do so as the barrier for entry seems daunting. Many assume that a wide range of knowledge is needed to enter when that is not the case. 

As the space grows, many projects and platforms arise that facilitate earning digital assets without investing heavily or doing excessive research. 

Effort Economy is a project developed to measure on-chain efforts (decentralized online activity) and create as many earning opportunities in the space for people to choose from. The platform allows users to earn capital through the gamification of multiple activities people are accustomed to doing without getting paid such as playing, competing, collecting, creating and many more.

The main goal behind the project is to distribute wealth through assets, projects, and tokens through their EFFORT2EARN applications. This new category of apps enable users to choose how they allocate and utilize their efforts to earn digital assets. 

Effort Economy’s Vision 

Effort Economy hopes to build a platform that will lead to the mass adoption of digital assets, bringing as many people into the space as possible by doing tasks they most likely already do. 

Their platform allows users to earn digital assets by playing games, purchasing products and services online, engaging with businesses on social media, creating content online, and more. 

By providing the opportunity to earn digital assets through these activities, Effort Economy will provide an easy and accessible way for new people to enter the space. 

The Effort Token ($EFFORT)

Effort Economy’s token, The Effort Token or $EFFORT, was developed to provide stakeholders with the chance to earn capital through the efforts they contribute to the economy.

The token emphasizes inclusion by bridging the underserved markets and driving mass adoption by lowering barriers of entry through multiple earning layers and components. 

The Effort Token will also enhance the efficiency of User Acquisition, Activation, and Retention for brands, apps, and companies. 

Finally, it will create numerous earning opportunities across multiple industries that allow users to choose how they utilize their efforts.

The many EFFORT2EARN Applications

To ensure numerous earning opportunities are available, Effort Economy has introduced multiple applications to help establish the economy’s growth. 

Every application created by the company holds a prominent role in mass adoption and making as many diverse earning opportunities for users as possible.

  • Bengga – A mobile gaming application providing users and brands with a meaningful connection through games, rewards, and activities. Allows users to earn rewards of real value and $EFFORT, providing the simplest and most fun way to earn. Currently at 130k+ users while on stealth and limited release.
  • The Effort Wallet –  A non-custodial mobile wallet designed to have an entire economy in the hands of the Effort Economy user. The wallet also focuses on users’ earnings such as $EFFORT, the utility token of the Effort Economy and serves as a payment gateway for purchasing NFTs and other items.
  • PassFlash – A fiat onramp solution for blockchain games using ESDT tokens, facilitating easy access to $EFFORT, used to transact in the economy with the easy peer-to-peer trading to convert fiat to digital assets instantly.
  • Effort Gateway – NFT marketplace providing opportunities to earn for creators and collectors. 
  • T6 League – eSports platform that adds a competitive layer over any game with a competitive mechanism, providing opportunities for players to compete to earn.
  • Makerverse – Allowing teams, brands, projects, organizations and communities to create their own economy by building an exclusive game platform for their members. Makerverse also provides the option to use the $EFFORT token and allow organizations to modify access based on the organization’s requirements such as owning a specific fungible or non fungible token (NFT).

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