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EDGE($EAT): Watch2Earn on the Web3 video network

What is EDGE and $EAT?

EDGE Video has developed a technically innovative, P2P video player that reduces content server’s streaming demands while monetizing on a Watch-to-Earn paradigm that overcomes several pain points in digital advertising.

The EDGE Video token Web3 Network unleashes the powerful Watch2Earn viewer engagement model on the decentralized broadcast network.

FaiCE-s are NFTs with a unique role in the EDGE ecosystem. Each FaiCE represents a personality recognized in the Livestream and gives the holder the right to be paid in $EAT tokens when the FaiCE they own is detected by the EDGE Player in any Livestream. The more popular the personality, the more you get paid. The EDGE Player shows the $EAT holders how much they have earned in real-time alongside their Watch2Earn $EAT earned.

$EAT(EDGE Activity Token): Viewers earn crypto($EAT) within minutes of setup. Double or triple your ad revenue through increased consumption and sharing. Live the liver overlay shows the viewer’s balance, live rank, live score, and estimated tokens earned for the period.

$EAT Token Overview

Total Circulation: 500,000,000

Coinstore Trading Time: 7 July 2022,16:00 (UTC+8)

Coinstore Withdrawal Time: 7 July 2022, 17:00 (UTC+8)

Coinstore Trading pairs: EAT/USDT

Token Utility of $EAT

TV Channel | Reserve pools

1. TV Channels buy tokens on market and add them to their reserve pools (every TV Channel has its own)

2. Immediately after the first edition, 50% of these tokens are reserved for viewers and EDGE (75:25) while another 50% remains locked in the reserve pool for the next month.

3. When the next month comes, the process of token reservation repeats, as it’s described in the second step (no matter if new tokens are added). This process of division goes irrevocably and infinitely meaning the pool can never run out of tokens, only can have a reduced number of tokens.

4. Economy of multiple reserve pools with locked tokens is created, draining tokens from circulation.

Viewers | Spend $EAT

  1. Watch Premium video content (no paywall/login).

2. AdFree Viewing.

3. TV Channel loyalty, exchange $EAT for points with your favorite TV brands.

Viewers | Earn $EAT

Pay Rates — EDGE calculates the payments to viewers based on their engagement (value to TV Channel).

$EAT Coin’s Tokenomics

EDGE($EAT) Social Media

Website|Twitter|Telegram|White paper

About Coinstore

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