Edge Wallet Users can now Create a Custom FIO Identity

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Sharing a cryptocurrency address will always be a very difficult endeavor. The use of QR codes alleviates concerns, but it isn’t necessarily ideal, the Edge wallet team has come up with a solution, thanks to the integration of FIO addresses. 

What is a FIO Address?

For those unfamiliar with the concept of a FIO address, an introduction is necessary. It is a way for users to register a custom cryptocurrency wallet address. That handle can then be connected to multiple wallets and assets, including the likes of Ethereum, DigiByte, Bitcoin, XRP, Monero, and so forth. It is effectively “one handle to rule them all”.

Up until now, Edge users have been able to create such addresses under [email protected] domain. For example, [email protected] would be one such address. While it is not necessarily an elegant solution, it worked just fine. 

Thankfully, more customization options have now become available. Registering a custom FIO domain and being able to renew addresses and custom domains is a big step forward. 

This would allow users to create a domain tied to their name or username, rather than using “@edge”.  Registering such a domain will cost 800 FIO, currently valued at $40. Paying for this option with all Edge-supported currencies is equally possible. 

It is worth noting that customer domains can be made public or private. The latter option ensures no one else can register addresses on this custom domain. 

Who is This for?

As interesting as the use of FIO may seem, it is primarily a niche feature. Making cryptocurrencies more streamlined and mainstream may very well require solutions such as this one. However, it is an option that primarily caters to existing cryptocurrency users, rather than those still on the fence about Bitcoin and altcoins

Thanks to companies such as Edge, there is more customization when dealing with wallet addresses. Pushing the boundaries of how this ecosystem works is crucial. Taking cryptocurrency to the next level will require a lot of work. Small steps like these can eventually lead to a very different landscape. 

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