Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrency: 4 Things To Know

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Cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now, and they don’t seem to be taking a step backward. There’s a lot of interest in this new type of digital currency, and with good reasons! They offer many advantages, but some unique challenges come with them.

One of the biggest challenges with cryptocurrencies is their eco-friendliness. Cryptocurrencies are created through mining, which could be harmful to the environment. Mining requires large amounts of energy, which often comes from fossil fuels. Learn more here about how crypto mining affects the environment.

Some crypto companies are trying to change the way mining works. They’re developing new ways to mine cryptocurrencies that are more environmentally friendly. These new methods use renewable energy sources like solar and wind power to create the required energy.

However, some people might not know about this environmentally friendly side of crypto. To help you out, here are four of the most eco-friendly cryptocurrencies in the market today: 

  1. Cardano

Cardano is a cryptocurrency that focuses on security, sustainability, and interoperability. It’s one of the most eco-friendly cryptocurrencies out there, and it has a lot of features that make it even friendlier. Some examples include:

  • Sidechains 

These make the entire process more energy-efficient. It keeps the proof-of-work (mining) away from the main blockchain and ensures that transactions take less time and use less electricity. 

  • Proof-Of-Stake Protocol 

This protocol uses far less electricity than proof-of-work protocols because it doesn’t require mining. Instead of powering computers, all network participants share in transaction fees. It decreases overall carbon emissions while increasing speed and efficiency.

The project is open-source, meaning anyone can improve its eco-friendliness and sustainability features. It keeps everyone accountable, so the system works as efficiently as possible for everyone. 

  1. Nano 

This cryptocurrency is another eco-friendly option that focuses on speed. Nano utilizes a block lattice instead of the conventional blockchain. In this innovative approach, the Nano network accounts run as individual chains, which helps keep the network running quickly and smoothly. 

Plus, it has some great features that make it even more sustainable. For example: 

  • Low Carbon Footprint 

Nano doesn’t require any mining, so it doesn’t produce the same level of carbon emissions as other cryptocurrencies. The carbon footprint is relatively negligible, making Nano one of the top eco-friendly cryptocurrencies around. 

  • Cheap And Fast 

Nano is significantly faster than traditional cryptocurrencies. Plus, it doesn’t have any transaction fees. This means it’s much cheaper to use, which encourages its adoption! 

Additionally, Nano is decentralized based on directed acyclic graphs (DAGs). It means there are no miners, and the entire network contributes to verifying transactions. For some reason, Nano is an excellent investment option for cryptocurrency investors. 

  1. Chia 

Chia wants to compete with Bitcoin by making the best, most eco-friendly cryptocurrency out there. It has the potential, too. Chia uses proofs of space and time to replace proof-of-work protocols. For more good news:

  • Censorship Resistant 

Being resistant to censorship is critical for any cryptocurrency, and Chia is one of the few with this attribute. So, there’s no way a single authority can block transactions or halt the network. 

  • Early Adopters Benefit

Chia rewards early adopters proportionally to how much storage they provide. With that said, as the network grows, Chia becomes more substantial and more secure. 

Moreover, since Chia runs on a proof-of-space algorithm instead of mining, neighbors can share spare computer space, decentralizing the network. Plus, the minting process doesn’t require large amounts of electricity.

  1. SolarCoin

SolarCoin is worldwide, decentralized, and unaffiliated with any government. It’s a blockchain-based digital asset that rewards owners of solar energy generators. In other words, it encourages real-world ecological activity.

Here are a few great features of SolarCoin: 

  • Community-Driven 

The SolarCoin community is passionate and engaged, which helps drive its growth and success. Additionally, the community unites pooling together to maintain and improve the coin’s value. 

  • Rewards

This eco-friendly crypto is fairly unique in that it rewards individuals. Most cryptocurrency blockchains reward miners instead. More importantly, though, these coins can be redeemed for physical solar panels and renewable energy.

SolarCoin could be an ideal way to encourage people to use solar power, and it helps to offset some of the costs associated with generating solar energy. Plus, it incentivizes people to use sustainable practices!


There are several significant, eco-friendly cryptocurrencies out there, and these five are just a few of the best options. They each have unique features that make them more sustainable and user-friendly. So, if you’re looking for an earth-friendly way to invest in cryptocurrency, these are worth checking out!


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