Earn Games Emerges to Transform The World of GameFi Education


Earn.Games is a launchpad known for their play-to-earn games. It also serves as an exchange for in-game assets and provides a platform where players can explore guilds. On the path of transforming the future of Web 3.0 space, Earn.Games Academy aims to educate individuals in emerging countries to assimilate into the Web 3.0 ecosystem via GameFi, DeFi, and EduFi.

The main intentions of Earn.Games Academy is to provide world-class content that educates the public on Web 3.0 and blockchain-related information. With this purpose, providing quality educational content world-wide that is accesible to the gamified community is kept as top priority. To reach the goal of building an equitable value-based society, Earn.Games Academy is decidedly the first step of this journey. 

These agendas will be executed by introducing this academy to parties interested in entering the crypto industry. This will include individuals such as traders, Web 3 beginners, NFT collectors, traditional gamers, P2E-gamers, content creators, and developers. 

In-depth Educational Courses Available

The courses that Earn.Games Academy offers include, gameplay training, trading basics, creatives training, Web 3.0 basics, GameDev training, and Web 3.0 developer training. 

  • Gameplay Training: Designed to assist users in opening a pathway to guold formation based on the games incubated by Earn.Games. 
  • Trading Basics: Exclusively aids in users’ knowledge in interconnectedness of the global capital markets and trading on various platforms. 
  • Creatives Training: Provides information on fundamental skills individuals will need to be a graphic designer, this includes image-making and typography. In this course, there will be a completion of a capstone project to enhance portfolios. 
  • Web 3.0 Basics: Equips students with the foundation of Web 3.0, providing opportunities to build the future of the digital world 
  • GameDev Training: Summarised as the perfect course for #P2E explorers where learning game development languages, further developing skills for problem-solving, and create P2E projects for their portfolio. 
  • Web 3.0 Developer Training: This intensive bootcamp prepares the community with skills needed to become a full stack Web 3.0 developer through a detailed 9 month training period. 

Progress With Earn.Games  Academy 

Earn.Games Academy plans to add value in the Earn.Games community through bringing together the best performers in guilds to obtain skills and knowledge that contribute to value creation. In the quest of building up the community, Earn.Games will provide the support needed for individuals to obtain the best skillsets possible. 

Earn.Games Academy Sign Up Link: https://www.premint.xyz/pinnacles/

Learn more about Earn.Games

Official website: https://earn.games/home  

Discord account:  https://discord.gg/fdbBsE5QFE 

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