Dutch Judge Orders Facebook to Crack Down on Bitcoin Advertisements


Social media platforms can often be utilized to spread misinformation. Various Bitcoin advertisements featuring famous Dutch people have appeared on Facebook over the past year and a half.

 A judge has now ordered the social media giant to take “appropriate action” regarding these matters. 

Another big Blow for Facebook

Facebook has been ordered to remove fake advertisements involving Bitcoin and Dutch celebrities. 

These false advertisements have allegedly resulted in the loss of several million euros. 

The court case in question began a little while ago. Media mogul John de Mol decided to take action against the fake Bitcoin advertisements showing up on the popular social media platform.

One of those ads depicts how de Mol himself got rich through cryptocurrency trading. Those messages still have a serious impact on the psyche of everyday consumers. 

Other Dutch celebrities being mentioned in these advertisements include Macro Borsato and Humberto Tan. 

In this day and age of fake news, no news on social media should be taken at face value. 

Figures provided by the Dutch Fraudehelpdesk confirm dozens of people fell for these fake advertisements. They lost over 1.7 million euros in the process. 

It is not the first time these types of advertisements create a lot of backlash for Facebook.

Various ads featuring politicians aren’t always truthful either. Although that type of activity has been “allowed” to a certain degree, it appears things may change in that regard. 

Despite taking a harsh stance on cryptocurrency advertisements last year, the company has reversed that decision in recent months. This court case may very well result in another change in sentiment. 

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