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When one thinks of Gambling, oftentimes they imagine a room full of gamblers gathered around a table game or they are dealing cards to one another. Or they imagine the drawing of lucky numbers or tickets. The casino culture has been formed with an unending excitement that is created by games that return maximum mind rush and thrill in every round of bets. One of the classic examples of fine games offered through an undying gambling culture is Keno. The game is known by almost all old-school gamblers around the world. And without a doubt, it can be said that by bringing classic games like Keno to the online platforms, casinos are now introducing vintage casino favorites to the modern gamblers. CryptoGames is one such online casino that offers accessible crypto gambling experiences to the virtual crowd, through the chicest list of casino favorite games. This means modern gamblers can find games like Keno at the casino to be played with different cryptocurrencies.

Before the arrival of Keno, CryptoGames earned its reputation on the internet platforms through its 9 handpicked casino games that are available for 10 different cryptocurrencies. Keno is their latest pick for the system and the gamblers on board and this piece will be an in-depth look at the game and all that it is offered at the casino.  

About Keno:

Among hundreds of casino games, Keno is one of the games that have a similar concept like the game of Lottery. It is quite well known among old school gamblers whereas it is gradually picking up its reputation among the new age gamblers. On the CryptoGames website, the game has been added with a fully digitalized crypto version, that has cool visuals, light, and remarkably compatible architecture. The layout of the game has been designed to consist of a poll of numbers that ranges from 1 to 40. From the field of 40 numbers, players have to pick the ones that they think will come up after the drawings. Players pick exactly 10 numbers from the field or even as less as 1. The objective of the game is to correctly pick as many numbers as possible to earn the maximum rewards. After the picks have been made the game is started. Prior to that, players must choose their preferred coin to play with. Then place the amount of bet they want to put forward for the round. They can use the min, and max buttons to adjust the size of their bets. At the end of the round, the Keno field will show an X symbol on all the winning numbers and the casino’s symbol on all the numbers that match the player’s pick. 

How to Play Keno:

For clearer understanding, players can follow the given steps to play Keno: 

  1. To set up the bet, a player needs to enter the number of credits they would like to bet by clicking on the bet size section (+ or – buttons). The minimum amount that can be placed is 10 credits. Since Play Money is also available for the players, they can use a minimum of 10 credits and a maximum amount of 1,200,000,000 credits to test the game. For Keno, 10 credits = 10 Play Money.

  2. Then after placing the bet amount, players will return to the field where they will now pick the numbers they think will come up in the result. They can make their prediction for 1-10 numbers.

  3. After they pick up the numbers, they can also choose to select the level of the game. There are 4 options. Classic, Low, Medium, High.

  4. Then, once the numbers and level have been picked, the players can utilize the option to run the bet many times for the same prediction. They can do so by using the Auto Bet function.

  5. After they are done finalizing the predictions, the game has to be started by pressing the “Start” button.

  6. If the predictions match the result, then the correctly chosen numbers will show the golden CryptoGames symbol, and the rest of the correct numbers which were unpicked will be labeled with an X. 

The point to note is that the amount of payout will depend entirely on the number of correct squares picked from the poll and the payout multipliers. For every number of squares a player picks, the payout multiplier varies accordingly. 

Special Features for Keno: 

Auto Bet:

For a set of squares that the players pick according to their predictions, the game can run multiple bets for customized settings. The squares the players pick before running the bets cannot be changed. However, the number of bets, in case of win or loss, can be changed through the feature. The flow of the bet can also be altered according to the win or loss percentage of their bets. The feature also can stop or continue the running bets on the change in players’ balance. 

Random Pick:

This is a special feature that has been specifically made for Keno. While picking the numbers on the field, players may face confusion or may become unsure of what they should pick as their final prediction. To aid in that, the casino has added the Random Pick feature that allows the players to pick any number of squares they would like randomly. This means all players can automatically select the numbers by simply clicking on the “Select Random () Fields” button. Players can also adjust the number of fields/squares they would like to pick from the button and also shuffle the fields randomly by clicking on the  “RANDOM” button. This feature does not guarantee wins every time, therefore players must use it at their own risk. 

Transaction Methods for Keno:

CryptoGames offers 10 well-known cryptocurrencies for all of its games and all kinds of transactions required to play at the casino. All the cryptocurrencies are available for the games excluding Lottery as it is only played with 4 cryptocurrencies. This means, that all Keno players can get their hands on any one of the 10 cryptocurrencies and splurge for the game. The players will also have the privilege of accessing Keno with Play Money from the beginning to test the game’s architecture. However, to be able to start playing Keno with cryptocurrencies, all players must make their accounts fully registered. For Keno, these cryptocurrencies will be available for use: 

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Monero
  • Dash
  • GAS
  • Solana

Offered Transaction Methods:

In order to play and win crypto rewards from Keno, players have to begin by selecting any one from the 10 different cryptocurrencies. The transaction methods on the website give the players complete freedom to choose either from the traditional system or the updated system. On the website, players will find an updated deposit system alongside the traditional one that fully supports Credit Card users. This updated deposit system is enabled via Onramper. Onramper is basically a third-party fiat-crypto gateway aggregator which enables the deposits of fiat funds in a fast and flexible way. The gateway aggregator completes the deposits within a comparatively shorter time than a regular exchange system. Players at the casino can start using the system by completing the KYC process and then getting their accounts verified by the system. 

Besides the credit card deposit system, CryptoGames included an updated exchange system called ChangeNOW. This updated system has been used by many crypto users since 2017. The exchange platform is designed with the capability of ensuring crypto exchange services for over 250 cryptocurrency users. The users of the platform can complete their exchanges without going through any process of registration. CryptoGames’ players can use the system at any time to exchange their cryptocurrencies to any one of the offered cryptocurrencies on the casino. 

Register under a minute:

CryptoGames registration process is completely free and easy to follow. For the basic registration process, players do not have to worry about providing any of their personal or financial information to the casino. Opting for the basic registration process will give the player the privilege to freely explore all the games on the website with Play Money currency. This privilege can be gained by just providing a username. A huge advantage of a basic registration is that in case a player changes their mind about the casino or they aren’t impressed by the games that are offered, then they can log out of the website without giving access to any further information about themselves. To register at the casino, only two steps are required. Providing a user name and agreeing to terms and conditions. By completing these two steps, getting access to Keno and 9 other games comes without any complications. 

How to Get Play Money for Keno:

Players can earn the free Play Money for playing Keno from the moment they sign up at the casino. Play Money is available for all the players who are registered (both basic and full). And all of the players are granted the privilege to request more Play Money funds through the Faucet. Each registered player is allowed to request Play Money rewards from their player account. The number of times each player can request the rewards will vary according to their player levels. The highest number of requests that can be made by a player is up to 60 times (in a day). 

 Secured Casino for All Players 

All levels of gamblers at the casino enjoy gambling without having to worry about the safety measures taken by the system. As CryptoGames incorporated measures like SSL encryption and google 2FA features, both new and regular players. Their safety measures ensure that the transaction system and the overall website is safe from any kind of phishing or any unwanted traffic. The secured transaction system makes sure that not a single withdrawal request is passed without proper verification. Moreover, the added measure of email verification hands out full control of any kind of withdrawals to the account holders. This means anyone who wishes to make any withdrawal of reward amounts must request permission through email verification. This way even if 2FA is disabled, every withdrawal attempt will be monitored and safeguarded by the system. 

Provably Fair Gambling for Keno

To ensure players have complete control over their picks on the field, and that all the results of the bet have no biased adulteration, CryptoGames enables the Provably Fair gambling technology in Keno. This fair gambling policy is available for all the games on the website. This policy will always guarantee the Keno players that all their final matches are entirely influenced by their choices during the pick. Even if they use the “Random” feature, the policy will remain active and the same. Provably fair gambling policy also ensures that all players are equally able to check out the hashes and the betting history to check whether or not their results were fair and accurate.  

Pick Your Lucky Numbers and Relish The Utmost Entertainment 

Of all the “classic turned modern” casino games available online, Keno is hands down a highlighted one to be turned into a crypto version. The objective of Keno makes it one of the easiest games to navigate without any critical thinking. The game’s simple characteristics make it highly enjoyable and profitable among the regular gamblers on the internet. And since it is a Lottery like game, at CryptoGames you will get to try two games that follow the same concept. Which means, double the fun and thrill. With four of its difficulty levels, Keno will challenge the players to use their best guesses for making the predictions. On top of that, they can also look forward to exploring 9 other games at the casino. Playing Keno or any other games at CryptoGames will offer the players many more services under the same roof. Any player at the casino can enjoy great adaptability for their devices to access the casino. The whole system will also keep their smooth and fast financial transactions, and many more advantages are always available for their growing number of players. So to conclude, it is fair to say that CryptoGames’ decision to add Keno to its list is one of the biggest highlights for its new players

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